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CFW Profile: Jonathan Mezibov


Fashion designer Jonathan Mezibov grew up in Cincinnati and has since gone on to launch his own clothing line and website, featuring shirts that have appeared in GQ Japan and Vogue China Men. Mezibov returns to the Queen City this month for the second annual Cincinnati Fashion Week (CFW).

Mezibov's handsome shirts are classic designs with an updated twist - making them appealing and accessible to regular dudes, but with a high-caliber fit and design suitable for the runway. "My collection is about substance and detail," he explains. "I use colors, fabric and patterns that guys are comfortable with and drawn to, but often played up with a bit of flair."

Tuesday at CFW, Christian Moerlein Brewing Company (1621 Moore St., Over-the-Rhine) hosts a Men's Fashion Refinery featuring Artfully Disheveled, Demetrius Romanos of Kaleidoscope and Mezibov's all-new collection for Fall 2011.

Mezibov says the looks we'll see Tuesday were Western wear-inspired.

"I had Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Spaghetti Westerns in mind when designing my shirts," he says. "But all done in a refined way with a more European, international attitude."  Think cultured man's man - sounds great, right? Those attending Tuesday's CFW event will be some of the first to check out these excellent designs.

For some, a fashion week in the Midwest might seem out of place. But creativity isn't bound to bigger cities, and Mezibov believes this year's CFW will be a success.

 "I believe in this city and its progress" he says, "and there are people here who are heavily influenced and attuned to fashion. People might be surprised."

Of course, we all know a few men who could use a style update. Thankfully, Mezibov has advice for local guys who want to crank their metrosexual meter up a notch. He believes fashion, specifically menswear, begins at the elements - knowing what fits and suits your body. "Then," he says, "experimenting with subtle details that will distinguish you from the rest."  

The first step in revamping your style?

"Find a tailor you trust," he advises. "Most American guys probably wear their clothes, specifically their jackets and shirts, one size too large. It does not matter if your clothes are made from the finest fabrics, if they do not fit well, your investment is not worth the money." Investing in high-quality shoes will also set you apart, he says.

Cincinnatians will get a preview of autumn with Mezibovs line, but what are his warm weather style predictions?

"I am looking forward to bright colors, shorts, great leather sandals and lots of white," he says. "Be it a white dress shirt work open-collar or, my seasonal favorite, white jeans."

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