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April 20th, 2011 By | News | Posted In: Governor, 2010 Election, Republicans, Government

Kasich Gets an 'F' Across the State


If three unscientific, online polls are any indication, Ohio Gov. John Kasich probably shouldn't make plans for a second term.

The Columbus Dispatch, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Dayton's WRGT-TV (Channel 45) have each had polls asking people to rate Kasich's performance during his first 100 days in office and the results are overwhelming and the same: Most disapprove of his performance or give him an “F.”

Nearly 76 percent of Plain Dealer respondents disapproved of Kasich's job, while 84 percent of Dispatch respondents graded him with an F.

Similarly, 93 percent of WRGT's much smaller poll gave the governor an F, too.

Given the results, CityBeat wonders if Kasich still believes he's doing the will of the people with his many wrong-headed plans and proposals.

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