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April 18th, 2011 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: Music News, Local Music

Local Musician Shot, Killed By Police


David Hebert was the man shot and killed last night in Northside by police. But most who knew him wouldn’t recognize the name. Hebert, a beloved, longtime local musician and local music supporter, is far better known by his nickname, Bones. An expressive drummer, in the ’90s he was the rhythmic foundation for local bands like AMF and Shoot the Gift, as well as other Rock and Punk bands.

Since early this morning, Facebook has been filled with surprised and deeply sad messages by Bones’ many friends as they hear the news (his Facebook page here features several messages from mourners).

Bones was also an affable presence in Corryville, back in its local-music-haven days, and more recently in Northside, working at various establishments, including a stint as a cook at The Comet. Heavily tattooed, Bones was far from menacing or intimidating. I formally met him in the early ’90s (having seen him around local music scene happenings for a few years) when I did an interview with Shoot the Gift early on in my writing career. I discovered him to be passionate and knowledgeable about music and a kind, friendly soul; after the interview, whenever I’d see Bones, he’d always greet me with a warm smile.

The shooting is still being investigated, but details in the local media so far say police responded to a call in Northside late last night after a man said he was attacked with a knife by a man and a woman (some reports say the man told police the male attacker’s name was Bones). Bones was spotted by police on the street, the reports say, and when confronted he allegedly pulled out a switchblade. An officer fired two rounds into his chest and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

After a stint living in Portland, Bones had just moved back to Cincinnati in the past six months.

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