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April 16th, 2011 By | News | Posted In: City Council, Democrats, Labor Unions, State Legislature, 2011 Election

Council's S.B. 5 Vote Rescheduled


Cincinnati City Council's long-delayed vote on a resolution opposing Ohio Senate Bill No. 5 has been delayed again, this time at the request of the member who introduced it.

Council's Budget and Finance Committee was scheduled to vote on the resolution this Monday, April 18. But Councilman Wendell Young, who introduced it on March 2, asked that the meeting be cancelled. It will now be voted on at a special committee meeting on April 25.

S.B. No. 5 -- which was signed into law March 31 -- limits collective bargaining rights for public-sector labor unions including police and firefighters. Although it allows bargaining for wages, hours and other conditions of employment, it prohibits bargaining for health-care benefits, pension matters, privatization of services and workforce levels.

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