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Still Separated by Race


In at least one important aspect, Greater Cincinnati hasn't changed much during the past decade.

Data from the 2010 U.S. Census shows the region is the eighth-most racially segregated metropolitan area in the nation, the same ranking it held after the 2000 count.

Greater Cincinnati's “dissimilarity rating” is 69.42 percent, according to the most recent figures. It was 74.2 percent in the 2000 Census, which indicates a minor improvement.

The rating is a demographic measurement of the evenness with which two racial or ethnic groups are distributed across the component geographic areas that make up a larger region. Such indices are often used to measure inequality by statisticians. The higher the rating, the more unequal the distribution.

Under the current figures, it means more than two out of every three African-Americans would have to move to predominantly white neighborhoods to create a more balanced mixture. In 2000, it was nearly three out of every four blacks.

Milwaukee ranks as the most racially-segregated city in the United States, the data indicates, with an 81.52 percent rating.

The Queen City falls between Philadelphia at No. 9 (68.41 percent) and St. Louis at No. 7 (72.3 percent). Cleveland ranks as No. 5 (74.14 percent).

Detroit, which was the most racially-segregated city in 2000 (No. 1, with an 84 percent rating) is now No. 4, with a 75.25 percent rating.

Salon.com did an overview of the 10 most segregated cities, and interviewed University of Cincinnati historian David Stradling, author of Cincinnati: From River City to Highway Metropolis.

"There are so many places where whites will try to flee the problems of the city, including the problem of diversity," Stradling told Salon. "Obviously the No. 1 cause of this is, of course, simply racism. There's racism that works through the white family who makes the decision to either defend against the arrival of black families or simply flee and give up the defense. Either of those strategies doesn't help as far as desegregation is concerned."

Stradling sees the problem getting worse under Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

"Right now, we've got a pretty reactionary governor," he said. "And he's not interested in the urban core. There are a lot of places growing in Ohio, but the problem is how they grow at the expense of other parts of Ohio. I see years of expanded highway spending, and not spending in the urban core."

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Just when I thought I was growing weary of one of the more interesting intellectual developments in the internet age: the end-run accomplished by the so-called race realists around the totalitarian PC regime that has developed in this country who


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sorry, published early. I was just saying that just when you think that the intellectual freedom granted by the internet to explore taboo subjects (like the possibility that humans who evolved in different locations may be more different than our public forums allow) has been fully spent, you realize how backwards some if not most of our public intellectual forums are when you see a quote like the one provided by our esteemed professor. "There's racism that works through the white family who makes the decision to either defend against the arrival of black families or simply flee." ....You know how to really make a white guy like me feel good there prof. So the problem is that I guess people like me just suffer from some enormous moral flaw and its the duty of you enlightened ones to show us the better way. Could it not be that so-called white flight where basically whites relinquished some of the more historically prime real estate locales to a ''rival' culture rather than engage in open fighting for it was in fact a very civil solution to the nearly unsolvable problem of clashing cultures. .................Until those like our good professor (who amazingly apparently gets paid to present such insulting tripe) learn to develop a more balanced language to discuss topics like self-segregation, hopefully their influence will continue to wane.