November 6th, 2008 By Danny Cross | Sports | Posted In: baseball

Baseball Players Feel Obama's Socialist Squeeze


Not everyone is the type of person who throws pennies in the garbage rather than collecting them in a coffee can, rolling them into groups of 50, bundling them in a plastic bag and taking them to the bank to collect the $5 bounty. Luckily for professional athletes, sports agents aren't this type of person.

The AP reported today that many sports agents are considering the value of signing a deal before the first of the year, assuming that signing bonuses will be subjected to the current 36 percent tax rather than Barack Obama's 39.5 percent rate, which is what those poor schmucks had to pay during the Clinton era.

Many agents already consider tax rate differences in certain states, so they're already keen to the effect of certain players signing with certain teams, depending on their home states and teams' states. Super agent Scott Boras has already said that it might cost teams a little extra in bonus money once Obama's socialism kicks in.

This could be a good time for the Reds to pressure a decent outfielder into signing with them early, but it will only work if they're the type of person who likes to save pennies and doesn't want their money to get spread around.

11.07.2008 at 02:52 Reply
There's nothing wrong with spread. It's good on bread. I agree with Obama, he should spread the bread. Sure these players have worked hard to get where they are but they have enjoyed many kickbacks. It's time for them to give more back after all the people they are helping are the same one's who are coming to their games, cheering for them and in turn, providing their salary. -Maynard Miller


11.07.2008 at 03:07
Hey Kumquat, socialism is for socialists, this is a democracy damnit! If you want to socialize your money around move to some place socialist like Canada! These players work hard for their money and in turn deserve their money. Less government, more power!