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February 28th, 2011 By Jac Kern | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity

Oscar Live! Chat! Update


If you weren't one of the 12 readers during our Academy Awards live chat, you really missed out on some intriguing conversation and delicious snacks. Thankfully, however, you can still read the chat in its entirety here. It might not be as funny as reading it live, or it might be funnier. Go find out.

For those who relied on Spark Notes their entire lives, I got your back. Here are some highlights from last night's riveting show:

Since all of us panelists had certainly seen every nominated film, we discussed our favorites:


We caught up with top celebrities:


I think everyone can agree that Kirk Douglas looks great for his age.


We posted frequent polls, one thing Channel 9 neglected to do while hosting their coinciding Oscars live chat...


You don't want to miss our next live chat, during Charlie Sheen's "20/20" interview on ABC.  Tune in at 10 p.m. Tuesday night and comment on what is sure to be a groundbreaking interview. Or discuss any redeemable qualities of "Two and a Half Men."  Whichever.

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