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January 19th, 2011 By Jac Kern | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity, Fashion

Golden Globes: The True Winners


By now you've heard all about the Golden Globe awardees (and, if not, click here). But anyone who watched this hot mess of an awards show knows that the true winners are all of us viewers. Ricky Gervais made us wet our pants in laughter with one hell of a hosting job, Ryan Seacrest made us all uncomfortable as he showed off his "interviewing skills" and the show provided us with plenty of drinking game opportunities (every time someone says "Hollywood Foreign Press," take a shot!).

I appreciated the copious amount of comedy that oozed (albeit sometimes unintentionally) from the Golden Globes. Some people did not. But hey, this isn't the Nobel Peace Prize Award Show, it's (as my boyfriend so eloquently describes) "the red-headed stepchild of awards shows!" And there were plenty of morsels of television gold to be thankful for.

Helena MFing Bonham Carter


Always the belle of the ball. No one can say anything about her!  She's Mrs. Tim Burton, she's Marla Singer and hot dog, she's got two different shoes on. I could have done without that My Little Pony weave she stuck on there, but I won't mess with perfection.


Clearly, the apple doesn't fall far from the glamour tree!


It was a good night to be a Gleek. Nerdy kids without a real personal taste in music (sorry) squealed in delight as Glee ran away with three awards: Best TV Series - Comedy/Musical and Best Supporting Actor and Actress - TV.  I was excited to see Jane Lynch (who I openly refer to as "muh bitch") snag an award not only because she is amazing in everything from Best in Show to Role Models but because we saw her beat that walking stereotype Sofia Vergara once again. We get it, Sofia, you're a hot, spicy Latina.  Go strap on your Reebok EasyTones and have another glass of champagne. Jane Lynch got this.

On a more serious note, I found it very fitting that after a year when tragic, homophobic bullying (finally) got everyone's attention, Chris Colfer (who plays an openly gay high school student faced with bullying in Glee) received the GG. The 20-year-old's speech was absolutely adorable and he dedicated the award to kids who face bullies.

Who's that Lady?

Don't even get me started on the fact the Julia Stiles was nominated for her performance as LUMEN on Dexter.  Don't get me started on Michael C. Hall's crazy ginge beard. But can somebody please tell me who the hell this trick is?


As the nominees for Actress in a Supporting TV Role were announced, cameras zoomed in on this lady when the announcer said Julia's name.  And dammit, she owned it.  I can only guess what Julia Stiles was thinking when she saw this woman on screen:

January Jones


I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, so I look forward to seeing those actors transform from '60s perfection to modern-day chic. As much as I love Jan Jo, her red carpet looks are always a little iffy. Don't get me wrong, from the bust up she was spot-on. She took her perfectly coiffed blonde 'do and shoved it in the faces of all last year's haters. But that dress … meh. I know I can't expect her to dress like a repressed housewife all the time, but it just looks so damn good on her!

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire got some seriously deserved awards, but we all know Paz de la Heurta is the star of that shit. And clearly she was the star of the Golden Globes as well:

She's a total champ: signing autographs, participating in conversation, attempting to walk. You think a little nip slip is going to stop her? Nope. If anything, this is a testament to her acting talent.  She is so immersed in her role, she's acting exactly how her character Lucy would, only with legal (?) drinkable goodness.

Quick Thoughts:

Ricky Gervais outed Tom Cruise and confirmed that The Tourist is a joke.

Emerald was the "it" color of the night.

Christian Bale is set to star in Passion of the Christ II.

Sandra Bullock is trying to rock the Nicki Minaj 'do.

Eduardo Saverin is really cute. (I know his real name is Andrew Garfield, but that name is just too vanilla for him.)

Natalie Portman has talent, beauty, a baby in her belly and a terrifying laugh.

The Social Network won a bunch of stuff.

And, finally, Lea Michele was the John Boehner of the Golden Globes.

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