January 7th, 2011 By Jac Kern | News | Posted In: News, Business, County Commission, Mayor, Neighborhoods

Keller's IGA Shuts Down


Keller's IGA, located at 319 Ludlow Ave. in Clifton, shut down Thursday citing tax issues. While the doors are still locked, it has been announced that the store's liquor license is no longer suspended.

Cliftonites have been shopping at IGA's Ludlow location since 1939. Nestled near Arlin's Bar and Esquire Theater, Keller's was one of the only grocery stores in walking distance from The University of Cincinnati and has been a staple for many students and locals, especially those on foot.

While there is a CVS Pharmacy and United Dairy Farmer's nearby, the closest full-service grocery stores are the Kroger stores on West Corry Street (1.5 miles away) and off Spring Grove Avenue (1.7 miles away). The absence of Keller's not only leaves locals with fewer shopping options, but leaves a gap in array of locally-owned businesses in the Gaslight District.

While many former Keller's shoppers will turn to new stores where they can purchase deli items and fresh produce, they will most likely have to forgo supporting a neighborhood store and resort to a larger chain. A sign on Keller's door urges patrons to do what they can to save this local business.

Click here to contact Mayor Mallory, here for auditor Dusty Rhodes or here for Hamilton County Commissioners.

01.08.2011 at 09:40 Reply
Keller's IGA is a very important part of our community. Clifton has a large pedestrian population that depends upon having a local source for groceries. Non-payment of taxes is a serious issue and must be dealt with. Hopefully there is a solution to this situation that will not result in the loss of this very important component of one of the most wonderful neighborhoods in our city.


01.08.2011 at 01:04 Reply
Grocery stores operate on a small margin. Ohio's commercial activity tax taxes gross reciepts, not net income. If Keller's was to break even, it would still owe the tax. The CAT tax is unfair to low margin businesses in Ohio. I have no idea Keller's issue, but the CAT is not helping. If you want to help Keller's write Columbus and repeal this unfair tax!


01.09.2011 at 02:20
Vincent, I think that you have misunderstood what happened here. Kellers collected taxes on goods that are taxable from there customers at the register, however instead of turning over those sales taxes to the state they pocketed the funds. They owe almost $90,000 in unpaid sales taxes, again they had already collected tose taxes from their customers. Additionally they are deliquent on their County property taxes to the tune of $36,000.


01.29.2011 at 02:30 Reply
I have a hard time feeling sorry for Keller's. Yes, it's tough on people in the neighborhood & I am one of them. However, as others have pointed out, they made a conscious decision to attempt to evade paying taxes. If you or I tried that to the tune of $100k we'd likely be facing a lot worse consequences. Also, anyone who has shopped there can tell you that this store's pricing was more akin to a convenience store than your typical grocery. The difference between your grocery bill at IGA and at Kroger's would probably cover cab fare for the 3-mile round trip. Then we read about the owners having to "throw away" large quantities of food instead of donating it to someplace like the FreeStore? Yet we are encouraged to rally around this business like they have somehow been wronged. I really don't have much sympathy.