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January 3rd, 2011 By | News | Posted In: City Council, Republicans, 2009 Election

Murray Is GOP's Choice


Amy Murray came in 13th two years ago, but tonight she came in first.

The Hyde Park resident was the recommended choice of the Hamilton County Republican Party's Committee on Nominations and Candidate Development to replace Chris Monzel on Cincinnati City Council. Monzel left half-way through his council term Friday to serve on the Hamilton County Commission.

Murray, who ran for City Council for the first time in 2009, placed 13th out of 19 candidates; she was the highest-ranking Republican of the 10 candidates who didn't make it onto council. Murray is a former Procter & Gamble employee who now owns a consulting firm that tries to attract Japanese companies to Cincinnati.

Monzel's vacancy technically will be decided by council's two remaining Republicans, Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn. Generally, however, GOP members follow the advice of the party's committee.

"Ms. Murray ran a highly energetic campaign as a first-time candidate in 2009," said Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou in a prepared statement. "Her background in business, having worked at Procter & Gamble, and her activism in her community as a leader on her neighborhood community council make her an ideal candidate to replace Mr. Monzel. Amy Murray possesses the intelligence, character and dedication to service the citizens of Cincinnati.

"As our citizens have watched the latest budget drama unfold, it is very apparent that our Cincinnati City Council is in need of some common sense leadership. Amy Murray brings both incredible business experience as well as common sense and focus to this important role."

Other potential replacements interviewed by the committee were Wayne Lippert Jr., Sam Malone, Erik Nebergall, Mike Robison and Lamont Taylor.

Dr. Brad Wenstrup, the local GOP's mayoral candidate in 2009, decided not to seek the appointment. Wenstrup said he was too busy with other commitments.

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