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Moore Helps Bail Out Assange


With donations from filmmaker Michael Moore and others, WikiLeaks provocateur Julian Assange made bail today and was released from a British prison, awaiting extradition to Sweden on sex charges.

A judge had set Assange's bail at 240,000 pounds, which equals about $380,521. Moore donated $20,000, which equals about 12,633 pounds.

In all, Assange supporters pledged about 1 million pounds toward his bail, which equals about $1.6 million.

Also, Moore offered to let WikiLeaks use his Web servers to host his site and publish documents, if needed. Moore has called Assange “a pioneer of free speech.”

As conditions of his release, Assange had to turn over his passport, wear a GPS tracking device, visit police once daily and agree to a 10 p.m curfew.

Meanwhile, some former WikiLeaks staffers plan to launch a new Web site to compete with Assange's, to be called OpenLeaks.

The staffers had complained about Assange's management style and the connection of WikiLeaks to his criminal charges.

Unlike WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks doesn't plan to publish its information directly to the public. Rather, it intends to partner with other organizations — initially five newspapers, then more later — and allow them access to documents, to do with them as they see fit. OpenLeaks sees itself as a neutral party “without a political agenda except from the dissemination of information to the media, the public, non-profit organizations, trade- and union organizations and other participating groups.”

Critics say the new site's plan doesn't allow unfettered access and instead will be filtered through gatekeepers that might be too sympathetic to the Establishment's agenda and point of view, or be too easily intimidated by governments or corporations.

12.14.2010 at 02:35 Reply
I have long considered Michael Moore the conscience of America; a national hero w/out a cape. Mr. Moore has suffered much for his efforts on the side of justice; here in the so called home of the free and brave this good man must hire body guards for himself and his family. Apparently, one has freedom of speech as long as one agrees w/righwing bloodthirsty liars. Viva, Michael Moore and Julian Assange and all who take up the burden we the people are too stupid or cowardly to do for ourselves!


12.16.2010 at 07:08 Reply
It is amazing how Amazon, Paypal and others just folded so fast under hardly any pressure from the government on this Wikileak issue. Few seem to realize how fragile our liberty is. So many in this world and especially in this country (USA) say they champion democracy, open government and liberty when, in fact, they do so when it is either to their advantage or when it costs them nothing. What is the difference between our Homeland Security and the KGB, the Stasi or the SS? Nine eleven was a cheap price to pay to show us what we really are.