December 13th, 2010 By Jason Gargano | News | Posted In: Republicans, Congress

John Boehner: The Town Crier


John Boehner, the much-publicized next Speaker of the House from just up the road in West Chester, was on 60 Minutes last night. Leslie Stahl interviewed the noticeably less colorful House Rep. — he still insists he’s never set foot inside a tanning salon nor used any sort of tanning product — from his father’s bar in Reading, where Boehner says he used to mop the floor, among other tasks.

It wasn’t long before the waterworks started, apparently triggered when Stahl asked him why he gets so emotional when he talks about certain things. He cried again a few minutes later when Stahl asked Boehner’s wife if she ever thought she’d be married to the Speaker of the House.

Look, I’m all for men (or anyone else) being able to cry when the moment strikes. But crying when asked about crying? C’mon, dude.

We’ve clearly come a long way since the days of Edmund Muskie, the 1972 presidential candidate whose tear-laden defense of his wife — who had been disparaged by a newspaper as a drunk who used foul language during the campaign — effectively ended all hopes he had of winning the Democratic nomination.

Crying aside, Boehner revealed that he grew up a working-class Kennedy Democrat but changed party affiliation when, after buying a small business and earning millions in plastics, he was shocked by how much money he had to pay in taxes. Boehner became a Reagan Republican almost overnight, and 25 years later he’s about to be one of the most powerful politicians on the planet.

The irony is that many of the economic policies he and his party now champion have made it tougher than ever for a middle-class kid to transcend his or her circumstances and achieve the “American Dream,” as Boehner often calls his unlikely rise to the top.

Now that’s worth crying over.

12.14.2010 at 02:43 Reply
I hope this weeping weirdo, and his ilk, die screaming! The death and suffering caused by these right wingers cannot be over estimated. Unnecessary wars based on lies and other crimes too numerous to recount here. The fascist five on the Supreme Ct. are part and parcel of this monstrous take over of our nation is horrifying; my b'day is in Jan. I do not think I'll celebrate. Too many Dems are complicit; a pox on both their houses!


12.14.2010 at 03:41 Reply
John Boehner needs to go away and become a professional crier at funerals especially for the individuals who have died becauseof his and his cronies in Washington have done to deny the most basic human rights of poor and middle class Americans. I only hope that his karma catches up to him and soon


12.16.2010 at 07:49 Reply
I have as much contempt for these republicans as anyone but I think attacks on a man because he shows his emotions is weak to say the least. Misguided as I think Boehner is, I do believe that the man is sincere and that is a trait than seems to elude many. He says what he feels without the anonymity that most com mentors hide behind. D. Schmied