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Song for McCain

A few weeks ago, when we did a barrage of reporting about the band The National’s Obama rally/concert on Fountain Square, a commenter reacted to some comments I made about The Dixie Chicks (who I said were “virtually crucified” and "right" for criticizing the President) and other musicians whose “liberal” stances on the Bush administration were often met with a chorus of “just shut up and sing.” My point was that those kind of critiques have lessened since those liberal commie elitists turned out to be absolutely right.

The commenter suggested that me making fun of Toby Keith and other cheesy conservative artists was just as bad as those attacking the liberal ones. For the record, I’ve never burned a pile of Toby Keith records nor protested outside of a Lee Greenwood concert.

The broader question this brought up for me was: Where are the artists for McCain? Not that there have been many (OK, I haven’t heard any) good pro-Obama songs — but there have been a ton created and posted online.

In the interest of fairness, I thought I’d look for some good songs supporting McCain and criticize them on an artistic/poetic level. My problem with “protest songs” comes when the artists are way too obvious. There has to be a more poetic way to say “I’m proud to be an American” or Toby’s “American girls and American guys will always stand up and salute/ We'll always recognize, when we see ol' glory flying.”

I know there are artists who support McCain. I saw Hank Williams Jr. stumping for him in Tennessee. (“Are you ready for some cultural intolerance!” I think he said, but I could have just been drunk.) But where’s the support in song?

Much to my surprise, I did find a song on YouTube that sums up the McCain campaign beautifully. I’m still searching for more. Please, for the love of God, if you know of any more, let me know.

On the following clip’s YouTube page, the creators claim that rapper will.i.am stole the idea from them (the tune is credited to the Public Service Administration and posted under the heading "john.he.is"). The tune — like will.i.am’s, only for the Republican candidate — takes parts of McCain’s speeches and turns them into beautiful music. I'm sure this has the power to sway some votes.

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more songs for McCain "read red rover" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVwQVzVM3d4 "yissir" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrqQimJbAow


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"I've never burned a pile of Toby Keith records nor protested outside a Lee Greenwood concert." I may submit this to Merriam-Webster as an illustrative example for the word 'irony'. A man of the left basically saying: "well, at least I'm not one of those lousy protester types." And though I have never bought a TK record, gone to a concert, etc., (I did see one of his CD's at the library once and thought about checking it out but decided that though I like some of his radio songs, others I do not, and I don't have the time to listen.) I do feel a need to defend him against the odd amount of vitriol he gets from the left. As I stated to you before, I have spent almost all of my music listening time on what would be called 60's hippie music (and to lesser degree the other various 'serious' youth music offshoots like punk, etc.) and I honestly believe TK came up with the best post 9-11 song to generall make it onto the radio or more specifically my consciousness. And that includes such notable 60's hippie types who made an attempt like Springsteen, McCartney, and Neil Young. None of them could transcend the political milieu they grew up in (Vietnam protesting) and wrote politically-correct sounding softballs where there are no bad guys. That was not the zeitgeist at that time. And though I find the chord progression in 'Angry American' uninteresting and the melody typically of the bland country stereotype, I find TK's singing believably passionate and the lyrics , while obviously not Shakespeare, more eloquent than most. The lyric you mention above (which as I researched on the web seems to be the first lines of Angry American-though I don't remember the radio version including them) are obviously prosaic and boilerplate patriotic but lines like "this big dog will fight if you rattle his cage" and "and you'll be sorry you messed with the US of A 'cause we'll put a boot in your ass thats the American way" both are somewhat poetically rhythmic and vernacularly precise in documenting the real language spoken by the people he's adressing and singing about. And ain't that what a good popular song is supposed to do. Your criticism seems to be based on your disagreement with the songs politics. Which is understandable . So to bring it full circle, I'd say my criticism of your criticism is that when you state that you would enjoy more arists making bold political stands in their songs, you really mean that you would enjoy hearing artist who agree with your politics coming out with bold, political songs (which basically puts you in the same boat as the rest of us who talk a good game about free speech but really just like the stuff that agrees with us) And your observation that there has been no major pro-Obama songs to break big seems to be oddly correct. I don't listen to the radio or watch MTV much anymore but I am aware of none . (Is the Will.I.am thing a song of a video? I'm aware of its general existance but in my out-of-the-loop existence am not sure. I'm also aware of Obama Girl but I don't think she sold any records or made any money off of that, did she?) The Obama phenomenon is one of the major political events to occurr in a long time and you would somewhat expect a few songs. But I guess praiseful songs for politicians don't sell unlike the pretty big list of popular rock songs that include bashing of a specific politician in their lyrics.


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There's nothing as dangerous that our nation is facing as the unbalance of power that a far left Democrat monopoly on power will bring. Comrade Obama will be able to shove his Marxist schemes right down our throats with the help of the radicals of the Democratic party. The out numbered Republicans will not have much input to prevent Obama's run away government from TAXING us to death and muzzling people that object to Obama's stupidity. If you believe that the rich alone can fund Barack Obama's massive Marxist TAKE FROM and REDISTRIBUTE programs, then you don't have a very good idea of finances. There is a bottom to every well and Comrade Obama and his tax collectors will come for the middle class people's hard earned money too. Barack Obama is currently sponsoring US Senate Bill S2433 (Obama's first Marxist Act) and if passed (and it will be if Obama is elected), it will cost America 845 Billion in ADDITIONAL taxes. The money that is squeezed out of you and me for Obama's S2433 will be given to the corrupt United Nations, specifically for "The UN Global Poverty Act". Your money will then be REDISTRIBUTED to third world dictators. This can be verified, Google "Obama's S2433". Obama is eliminating the reduction on the death inheritance tax that President Bush implemented. Comrade Obama plans to take your inheritance and REDISTRIBUTE it. Obama has vowed to double the capital gains tax so if you have bought property as an investment, kiss your profit line goodbye. Obama will REDISTRIBUTE it. With at least 845 Billion going out of our nations coffers to be REDISTRIBUTED to third world despots, there is no way the rich can satisfy Obama's lust for more,more,more TAX money. S2433 is only one of many Comrade Obama's great Marxist schemes with many more to come. Without the power to filibuster Democratic abuses of power and/or a Republican President to veto the Democrat craziness, our taxes will rise beyond the moon and our right of freedom of speech will be in danger. Comrade Obama and his Marxist allies will have their way with you and me.


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While trick or treating the other night, I started to keep track of the homes with McCain signs and the ones with Obama signs. No people with McCain signs gave out candy, most of the Obama ones did. It was at this moment that I realized that Halloween is a Socialist holiday. Obama supporters insist on spreading the candy. Well, I worked hard for that candy, dammit!