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November 15th, 2010 By | News | Posted In: Human Rights, Republicans, Humor

Best Quote About Dubya's Book


Much has been written about George W. Bush's new memoir, Decision Points. Among the revelations in the tome are that Sen. Mitch McConnell secretly pushed for a partial troop withdrawal from Iraq in 2006, Bush's admission he personally approved the use of waterboarding on detainees and that Bush allegedly formed his anti-abortion stance after his seeing his mother's miscarried fetus in a jar.

Nevermind that Bush's admission about waterboarding could make him susceptible to charges of war crimes, according to some international law experts. Or that some passages appear to be lifted verbatim — and uncredited — from previous books written by Bush associates.

No, it's the fetus anecdote that prompted a memorable line from comedian Lily Tomlin.

Appearing Saturday night as emcee of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's annual gala, Tomlin tossed off a quite few zingers.

Tomlin's best line was about Bush: “He’s been promoting a memoir and claims he has written it. Did any of you see his interview with (NBC host) Matt Lauer and Bush attributed his anti-abortion position to his mother having shown him a fetus in a jar that she had miscarried? Too bad she didn’t show him somebody being waterboarded.”

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