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Back to Fall


After the Halloween costumes are put away and the pile of candy is hidden from the kiddies or that hangover finally subsides, it’s time to fall back an hour into Eastern Standard Time (EST) one last time.

The first Sunday in November at 2 a.m. is when we do the deed; this year it’s Nov. 2. In 2009 we’ll go back to Daylight Savings Time (DST) the second Sunday in March.

Every household who has a child under the age pf 12 will be regaled with the story of why we change our clocks and which states, like Indiana, are so split over the use of DST that it’s been elevated to the level of a controversy. Newscasters in TV will likely try to come up with some unusual factoid to jazz up the reminder. This is that standard:

“Change your smoke detector batteries at the same time; you could save your life and your loved ones.”

Changing batteries is a good idea but if you want to have some fun, check out this Web Exhibits site for an interactive approach to refreshing your memory – if you don’t have little kids running around reminding you to change your clocks, or you want to dazzle your coworkers with some unusual facts of your own.

10.31.2008 at 10:26 Reply
This is so jejune.


10.31.2008 at 07:43 Reply
Following the example of their IRS, asshole politicians comandeer an hour of your valuable time (even you, Joe, the plumber) in the early spring. Then, after having the use of it for most of the year, refund it to you in this late fall with NO interest. Sound familiar? Still proud to be an Amurikan? (Becoming a Peaceful Anarchist is so easy. Just accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Wait!)