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November 1st, 2010 By | News | Posted In: 2010 Election, County Commission, Republicans

County Race Gets Animated


With new computer software programs available to create animated videos, this election cycle has seen several entertaining segments hit the Internet. Perhaps the best known video is one that shows an animated person trying to use reason with a co-worker who is a Tea Partier.

But the video of most interest to Greater Cincinnati readers probably is this one about the race for Hamilton County Commission, between Republican Chris Monzel and Democrat Jim Tarbell. The four-minute, 52-second segment -- created by someone with the screen name "fakechrismonzel" -- is posted on YouTube and crystalizes several pertinent issues in the race.

Chief among the issues is Monzel's claim in a TV ad that, if elected to the county commission, he would work to stop Cincinnati's streetcar project.  The project, which is a city undertaking, involves no county government participation.

As the animated man says, "If he wants to stop it, he should stay on City Council." And wait until you get to the part about conservative activist Chris Finney.

Watch and enjoy. 

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