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Sanity Prevails on Fountain Square


CityBeat would like to thank everyone who joined us Saturday afternoon on Fountain Square for the broadcast of Comedy Central's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. We had no idea how many of you would venture down to the Square for a healthy dose of hot food, cold beverages and comedy from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but we were very pleased with the turnout. A nice crowd indeed. I'd even call it a “throng.”

[Check out photos from the rally here.]

I enjoyed chatting with U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus, who walked through the crowd shaking hands and handing out purple drink cups. Saying he might be “preaching to the choir” at the event — a reasonable Congressman interacting with reasonable citizens — Driehaus enjoyed the beautiful Fall afternoon like the rest of us, then was heading off to a number of campaign appearances the rest of the weekend.

My favorite music segment from the rally was when Stewart brought on Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens) to sing “Peace Train.” Colbert interrupted the song, saying he had a better train to ride, and introduced Ozzy Osbourne to sing “Crazy Train.” Stewart and Colbert argued over which was the better song until the musicians walked off stage arm-in-arm.

They then agreed they could both tolerate a “Love Train,” so the O'Jays came on to sing their ’70s hit.

I also enjoyed the video snippets where pop culture flameouts like JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater and one of the loony “real wives” of reality TV recanted their high-profile meltdowns and explained that perhaps they could have handled their adversity more reasonably and more calmly.

And Stewart's closing remarks were excellent, especially his comparison of real-life Americans to cars waiting in line for a one-lane tunnel: “You go, then I'll go. You go, then I'll go.” We are a reasonable people, despite how cable TV pundits portray the political extremes.

It looks like media reports are saying the rally attracted 200,000 people to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., more than twice what Glenn Beck's pro-Tea Party rally attracted in August. Three cheers for sanity!

Speaking of sanity and reason, don't forget to get out and vote tomorrow. Find CityBeat's election endorsements and election news coverage here.

11.01.2010 at 02:40 Reply
I was disturbed by how exclusionary the rally was. The crowd was almost entirely white. And as I learned from mainstream media reports about rallies held by groups such as the Tea Party, a rally that has so many white people and so few minorities can often indicate racist .tendencies on the part of participants.


11.01.2010 at 03:00
I'm not sure where u got your demographics, but during the rally the results of a demographic survey were announced: 75% white, 14% black, and 14% other. Just about the same makeup as the USA.


11.01.2010 at 03:03
CX: 75% white, 14% black, and about 11% other.


11.01.2010 at 06:52
trey is a racist and full of crap. It was the Tea Partiers signs and the things they were saying that indicated they are racist. All one had to do was go to their rally.http://www.cincinnatibeacon.com/index.php?/contents/comments/white_supremacy_at_cincinnati_tea_party/ Even their speakers said racist things. http://www.cincinnatibeacon.com/index.php?/contents/comments/tea_party_cheers_as_joe_the_plumber_says_he_wants_illegal_immigrants_shot/ Tea Party leaders never even condemned it either. There was evidence of racism at other Tea Party rallies too. http://www.cincinnatibeacon.com/index.php?/contents/comments/tea-party_protesters_shout_slurs_and_spit_on_members_of_congress/ They didn't have any black guests or supporters and they acted crazy. http://www.cincinnatibeacon.com/index.php?/content/comments/just_how_ugly_can_the_cincinnati_tea_party_get/ The Rally for Sanity was pretty much the opposite of the Tea Party rallies and much bigger.


11.01.2010 at 08:17 Reply
Justin, did the sign at the Stewart rally that showed Palin, Boehner, McConnel, etc. with Hitler mustaches also indicate to you that the complete Stewart rally can be dismissed as racist too?........ I hope what you say is true Juan, that the effort to bus in a whole bunch of non-whites to the rally for appearance's sake was a success (wink, wink) but I was just going by what I read at a site that I just found today but actually seemed quite credible. Maybe I was to quick in believing what they said but they did have a large crowd shot which showed, I don't know, about 200 or so people with about 4 or 5 blacks faces.


11.02.2010 at 02:15
Those signs may have been in poor taste, but they weren't racist. How can a person that is so racist not even know what makes a sign racist or not?