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Dem Chairman Wants Court Records


Amid rumors that the FBI is investigating the Republican-controlled Hamilton County Courthouse, the local Democratic Party chairman Tuesday made a public records request to Clerk of Courts Patricia Clancy seeking all documents pertaining to uncollected bail bonds.

Sources at the courthouse have said up to $4 million in forfeited bail bonds that should've gone into Hamilton County's coffers hasn't been collected by the Clerk of Court's Office.

It's unclear whether the allegations are accurate and, if so, whether the uncollected bail bond money is the result of an administrative error or was intentional.

Hamilton County government is facing deficits in its stadium account, which has prompted the Democratic-controlled county commission to consider several options including possibly reducing a popular property tax rollback.

Democrat David Pepper is leaving the three-member county commission, which means whoever wins the November election — Democrat Jim Tarbell or Republican Chris Monzel — will determine which political party controls the group.

The bond rumors are so pervasive that Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke filed a two-page public records request with the Clerk's Office. In the request, Burke asks for “any list or compilation showing open bond forfeitures and sums owed to the county, by whom, and when such sums became due as a result of bond forfeitures.”

Burke's request seeks all records from January through September including any electronic documents or e-mails concerning bond forfeitures.

“I recognize that it may take longer to accumulate certain documents than others, but based on the presumption that there are bond forfeiture lists kept in some form on a current basis, such a list should be easy to promptly provide and be made available for inspection,” Burke wrote.

“I specifically request that those records responsive to this request which are easily available be promptly produced even if not all records requested can be easily assembled,” he added.

A call this afternoon to Court Adminstrator John Williams wasn't immediately returned. CityBeat will update this item once more information is available.

10.07.2010 at 08:08 Reply
philadelphia, pa recently did their forfeiture audit, and found that over 1 billion (true i swear) was never collected by their clerk. good luck. and by the way, did your skip chaser (do you even have a skip chaser or do you just keep the bail money for other uses) ever put those folks back in jail or are they runniing loose with nobody looking for them. if no one is looking for them, then, maybe you will accidently stumble upon them someday so they can be held to answer for the original charges. if you find that you can't get the money back, just set it up as a receivable and keep it on the books forever as an asset. this way the books always look real good, and the taxpayer will never ever know.


10.09.2010 at 11:17 Reply
What Burke isn't understanding here about the fines & court costs is that HamCo does have a collection agency-skip tracer to hunt down the scofflaws. Why he's barking about bail bonds is beyond me. From what I understand, somebody out on bond doesn't show up to court at the assigned time, it's goodbye to the bail money. But everyone knows Burke can always find something to bellyache & whine about. No wonder his DonkeyCrat party stinks out loud.


10.10.2010 at 11:30 Reply
It's the Feds thqat are looking into the shenanigans at the courthouse Fannie, Burke is just making some hay out of it, and good for him for growing a pair.