October 30th, 2008 By Steven Rosen | News | Posted In: 2008 Election

Scary Trip to the Barber


I had a weird and frightening encounter at my local barber shop today. Frightening because it opens my eyes to the depths of fear and hatred exhibited by some people who oppose Barack Obama.

As I was waiting to get my hair cut, the barber asked the customer in the chair for his advice on a gun to buy. The customer, a middle-aged man, knew guns very well and gave the barber a detailed recommendation. Then the barber said he needed to buy one before Tuesday's election, because if "he" wins he would change the gun laws.

The barber said he would keep it in his basement and hope he didn't have to use it, but I found the whole discussion upsetting, along with the presumption that this is just the kind of normal talk they could have in a place of business where others are present. I stood up, put on my jacket and walked over to the barber and said, "Your right-wing paranoia has just cost you a customer."

As I walked out the door to my car, the customer yelled out, "He's the antichrist" — a reference, I presume, to Obama. The fact that someone with such a familiarity with guns could say that really scared me. I left feeling I had stumbled into some kind of secret society in broad daylight.

10.30.2008 at 06:31 Reply
Care to share the name of the barber shop so that we can avoid it as well?


10.30.2008 at 07:53 Reply
I'm not giving the name of my barber, but Steven Rosen's sounds exactly like him. Don't we welcome a frank and open exchange of opinions at the barber shop? Hell, I mean where else can you find such a rare thing? But every barber shop ebbs and flows in frankness depending on who's waiting. Women should not be allowed in barber shops. Should barber shops be nothing but sports talk, Steven?