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September 16th, 2010 By Amy Harris | Music | Posted In: Reviews, Festivals

X-Fest Precap with Papa Roach and Buckcherry

The annual X-fest rolled through Indianapolis and Dayton this weekend with a line-up featuring Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Sublime with Rome, Shinedown and many more. The annual festival is sponsored by local rock stations and draws tens of thousands of fans to the two shows from the Tristate region. 

This year the weather was beautiful and the bands did not disappoint. Dust storms formed in mosh pits as fans enjoyed the show.

Leading up to the show we sat down with Jacoby Shaddix, the lead singer from Papa Roach, to discuss the festival, their new record, and how to keep a marriage strong. This is one time when I wish all the readers could hear the recording of the interview as it took place at 100 mph. Jacoby is always entertaining to talk to and again he did not disappoint.

CB: Hi.
(Jacoby answers the phone singing.)
: Hi what’s up? I’m driving around town with a new girl and your like, fuck you, what’s up?

CB: Hi, I didn't expect to get serenaded!
: It’s on the new Cee Lo Green track, it’s bad ass.

CB: Nice.
: Have you heard it?

CB: No.
(He asked me to hold on while he turns up the music playing in background so I can hear the song.)

CB: Very nice.
: Yeah, it’s jam.

CB: Very cool.
: It’s called “Fuck You.”

(Over the weekend I actually heard the song on the radio and the title has now been changed to “Forget You” for radio play. I have to admit it's a catchy tune.)

CB: Perfect.
: It’s fucking awesome.

CB: Well, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
: Let’s talk, let’s do this!

CB: You're coming to the area for the X-Fest this weekend in Indianapolis and Dayton.
: OK, cool, yeah we’re coming around your way and we are going to rip some shit up.

CB: You guys have a new album, right?
: Yeah, Time For Annihilation. It’s in stores now. Part of it is a live record and there are five brand new songs on it. So it’s kind of like an EP and a live album all on one CD conveniently priced at $7.99. We know people are hurting for cash and we just went to an independent rock label, so we are able to control the price of our albums better.

CB: You guys moved from Eleven Seven right? How is that going?
: It’s great being with a company that is focused primarily on rock music and that has been real cool for us so far. Only time will tell, but this is our first swing at releasing a record with an independent record company. This is it.

CB: Well good, hopefully the promotion will be there and they will focus on you guys.
: Yeah, it has been good so far.

CB: So what is your favorite track off of the new album?
: Either “Burn” or “One Track Mind.”

CB: Are we going to hear the new stuff this weekend?
: Yeah, we are definitely going to play a few new songs. That is our goal for us going out on these shows. We’re like, "We have to play these new jams." I mean, I love playing the old stuff, but we have this new record that sounds great.

CB: I know you write. You are the only original member of the band. Can you talk to me a little about what your writing process is?
: Pretty much it starts with our bass player. He writes a lot of the music, I write the melodies and the lyrics, and so it is a collaboration all the time. Tobin will come up with an idea and we might have a whole song written without vocals or anything and I will just take that and write vocals and melodies for it. Sometimes it is just an idea and we will just get in the room and start jamming in our studio and then it will turn into something completely different. Sometimes I will record a melody onto my iPhone on the voice memos and send it to my bass player and say, "Check it out. I have a melody, let’s do something." So its many different ways that Papa Roach style happens.

CB: Two of my favorite songs you guys sing are the older songs, “Hollywood Whore” and “Scars.” I just wanted to know, what is kind of the story behind one or both of them?
: “Hollywood Whore” is just about the hollow shallow culture of Hollywood and how it is just stuff that gets into people's mouths and fucks up girl’s perceptions of themselves because they don't weigh 94 pounds and are skinny as fuck and don't have all the money in the world so they think they are less. That is my rebellion against that culture because that culture allows people to look to them as role models, but I don't necessarily see that some of those people should be role models. Not saying that I myself should, but it just doesn't seem like there is much soul there. Just shallow.

CB: That makes sense.

You have children, right?
: Yes, I have two little rascals.

CB: Do they ever go out on the road with you or come to the shows?
: Last summer I had Jagger out on the road with me for three weeks and then I had Mikaile out on the road for three weeks. It was cool getting some quality time with my boys. It is definitely a different environment out there when I am with them.

CB: I hope so. You have been married a long time, too.
: Yeah, many years.

CB: So what is the secret to keeping that strong while you are out on the road? You have been out on the road for like 10 years.
: When I come home we just have crazy ill amazing sex and we actually care about each other and love each other. I have my partner in crime, my P.I.C. for life, you know? Straight up.

CB: Wel,l she's been there the whole time right from the beginning.
: Yep, from the beginning. When I was a janitor, she loved me when I was broke.

CB: That helps, I think.
: She will still love me if I quit and become a janitor again.

CB: That’s good. That’s important and rare.
: Plus good sex, too. If your sex life sucks, your relationship sucks.

CB: Good advice for the kids.
: It’s true. I mean, you have to satisfy each other in more ways then one.

CB: So you have had quite a few band line-up changes over the years. How does that affect the band and how do you guys adapt when the changes have occurred?
: Pretty much we have been the same for like 10 years and then we got a new drummer. I mean if people went back into the history of the band, there were a couple people we jammed with like the first month back when we were 16 years old. I don't really count that as line up changes. But the one major line up change we ever went through was our drummer. That was tough, but we got this guy Tony that came in and, he fits our personality and our style, and he is definitely a P Roach. He is a member straight up. We have so much in common and we get along so well out on the road and it is really enjoyable.

CB: How did you find him?
: He played drums for this band called Unwritten Law and we toured together and we made friends with each other out on the road. They were off the road and we needed someone to come replace our drummer a few years ago, just for like a month because he had to step away from the road and take care of some business. It was fun again, and that is what it’s about. It’s supposed to be fun.

CB: Yes, I would think so. So we are coming upon football season, are you a football fan?
: (He yells: “Titties and beers.”) I like the San Francisco 49ers. I like to go to live sporting events. I think that shit is fun.

(He asks me to hold on. I hear “Thank you, Mr. Fed Ex man.”)

Jacoby: My kid’s birthday present is here.

CB: What is it?
For the past 9 months he has just been saying, “Daddy, I want your iPod touch.” He loves to grab my phone and play games. He loves music and so I got him an iPod Touch. I will get a little scully case and I will load it up with music and games and he will be rocking out just like his Dad.

CB: So what is your guilty pleasure?
: My guilty pleasure is sometimes I like to check out Lindsey Lohan online and I sometimes rub one out to her pictures.

CB: Did you see the new Maxim with her on the cover?
: No, I haven't, but for some reason I just love the sexy freckles.

CB: You should get the new Maxim. (I delivered the Maxim to him backstage on Saturday. Everyone should get a copy. It's the best she's ever looked.)
: I mean, I'm trying to convince my wife to see if we could have a little three way with her.

CB: I mean, she may be available. Who knows? I'm a photographer, so I'll see you guys on Saturday. You guys are difficult to photograph. I am sure you have been told that.
Jacoby: Yes, many times. People say "Just fucking stand still!" and I’m like, "No."

CB: Can you please stop moving your head for like 10 seconds?
: Here is what I will do. I will make an agreement right now with you. It's going to be the third song in, second verse, I am going to stand center stage for a whole verse, and if you don't get a good shot, then fuck I don't know what to do.

CB: Center stage, third song in, second verse. I'll be there.
: That’s right. Just throw a rock at me and I will remember.

CB: Deal. (And as you can see from the picture, he came through on his promise.)

CB: You also have a lot of tattoos, any there any that are more meaningful?
: I have a pirate ship on my left forearm that is new. I got the pirate ship and my wife has the anchor.

CB: Ah, that’s so cool. I know you guys have the stars, right?
: Yeah, we are both into tattoos. We have a lot of tattoos that go together.

CB: Did you get them together?
: The star pieces yes, but not the ship and the anchor.

CB: Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Where do you usually go?
: Kyle Malone in Minnesota at Leviticus Tattoos. You can go on Papa Roach Facebook and we have him as a friend up there. You can check him out.

CB: What are you most excited about at X Fest?
: Oh, dude, to fucking demolish. To breathe life into the rock crowd, to give the rock audience what they need, you know?

CB: Well cool. Anything else we are forgetting to ask you?
: I think that's pretty much it. You best get your ass to the rock and roll show and pick up that new Papa Roach record because that shit rocks.


Buckcherry is a hard rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1995. Their fifth album, All Night Long, was released on August 3, 2010.

We caught up with lead singer Josh Todd before the show to talk about the new album and the X-Fest weekend in Indy.

CB: You just had the fifth record come out.
It just came out Aug. 3, All Night Long.

CB: What was the process like to make the album?
It was actually a lot of fun. We got to make the record at our guitar player’s house, Keith. He co-produced it with Marti Frederiksen. It was the first time we really got to kind of relax and not be so under the gun with budgets and everything. We got to go at our own pace and I think it is reflected in the song writing and overall body of the work.

CB: Do you typically write together or do one of you take the lead?
We all have our little departments and we work together. I write most of the lyrics and Keith writes most of the music. Stevie and Jimmy also contribute musically and then we put it all together as a band.

CB: I have always wanted to ask, what the story is the behind “Crazy Bitch?”
“Crazy Bitch” was around for a long time before it actually got on a record. I was basically just driving around LA at the time that the Paris Hilton sex tape came out and I thought it was just really funny how someone could launch their celebrity from basically a homemade porno. I started thinking about all the girls I used to go out with because there was a time in my life when I couldn’t attract a sane girl. They were all just nuts, but fun in bed. That is where “Crazy Bitch” came from.

CB: You have played with tons of legendary rock & roll musicians like Slash and Motley Crue as well as many more. Is there anyone on your list that you would like to work with?
I think it would be different if you asked anyone in the band, but I would love to collaborate with someone like Prince or Stevie Wonder. Someone of that status would be amazing. Anything with AC/DC would be fun as well.

CB: I have seen you on some TV episodes recently. You have been doing acting. What has that experience been like? How is it different than music? Do you see yourself doing it more in the future?
Yeah, I've done a few movies and TV episodes lately. I really enjoy it. It is a different experience and creative process. I have been doing music for as long as I can remember and to be able to do something to shift gears it is always good. Anytime I have some downtime, I try to get something started. The last scene I did was on a series called Bones, and it was a lot of fun. I would like to do more in the future.

CB: What do you do in your downtime?
I spend time with my family. I have a wife and three kids at home. I just enjoy spending time with them at home.

CB: Do they ever come out on the road with you?
: Occasionally, but it's actually more cost effective for me to go home. I go home every 10 days.

CB: You guys have been touring non-stop for many many years. Is it hard to make it work? What's your secret?
It is challenging but I’ve been doing it so long and it is just the way it is. I don’t really know anything different. I am always on planes and working on schedules to get home and stay connected. It is difficult, but the way to get through it out here is to have an on and off switch.

CB: Technology helps now with texting and Skype.
Yes, I do a lot of video chatting, which is great.

CB: Do you have any favorite things to do while on tour?
We’ve played Indy so many times, and it's always a great rock show. We take the same approach with every show. We give it 110 percent, so I think it's gonna be a sweaty mess.

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