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Leaders Look at Columbus Model


Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls will lead a contingent of elected officials and community leaders on a road trip to Columbus on Monday to look at some apartment complexes built for homeless people there.

The group will tour two complexes built by National Church Residences (NCR) that provide permanent, supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals.

A similar approach is being proposed in the Queen City by the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless. The Continuum is helping organize the trip, along with Qualls.

Among those scheduled to make the trip are City Council Members, Chris Bortz, Laure Quinlivan and Wendell Young; City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr.; and several homeless advocates and service providers.

They will tour The Commons at Grant and The Commons at Buckingham, two 100-unit projects built by NCR.

08.20.2010 at 07:04 Reply
What's missing in this article is where is the MONEY coming from for this journey? Residents are being told time & again that the City doesn't have the cash. The City can't fund their pension plan. But that insipid Qualls & her followers are looking at housing for the homeless. How Bortz got into this mix is beyond me. The priorities at City Hall are clearly jumbled. We've got people long out of work, bunking with relatives or sleeping in their cars, a City Hall on the verge of cheating their retired workers out of their honest due, & there's a caravan on its way to looking at housing for felons, drug abusers, sexual deviants & freeloaders. This is truly nauseating, but what else could one expect from Qualls?


08.23.2010 at 06:16
What should we do? I can read your complaints, but I don't read where you have any ideas on what to do. I am guessing you want more cops or just want money put into your pet projects or your neighborhood. I'm glad you don't make the decisions.


09.09.2010 at 03:17 Reply
MissFannie, Thank you for your breath of fresh air! Inversters tend to see a return on investments. If you invest in housing for the homeless, you will receive more homeless people.