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Pride Timing Irks CCV


Phil Burress' obsession with other people's sex lives is continuing unabated.

Burress, the head of Sharonville-based Citizens for Community Values (CCV), is upset that this year's Cincinnati Equinox Pride Festival is being held downtown on the Fourth of July and could potentially intrude on some Independence Day events. CCV has sent a mass e-mail to its followers, asking them to write letters of protest to companies sponsoring the event.

CCV's e-mail stated, "Homosexual activists have taken center stage in downtown Cincinnati's July 4th celebration. Rather than have their Pride parade in June as usual, they chose Independence Day to flaunt their sexual desires.

"Instead of celebrating our Declaration of Independence, downtown Cincinnati will be celebrating sexual appetite. If you decide to go, please be forewarned that you may be exposed to deviant behavior," it continued.

And here we thought most of the "deviant behavior" occurred behind closed doors at organizations like the Family Research Council with George Rekers or at New Life Church with Ted Haggard. But we digress.

The e-mail goes on, "We are sad to see that these activities sponsored by familiar names, including Macy's, U.S. Bank and Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank. Please contact these companies by clicking on the links below. Use a personal message or cut and paste the optional text provided below. They need to hear from all of us!"

Yes, they do. That's why progressive groups are urging people to e-mail the companies and express their gratitude for the firms' support of the Pride festival.

Perhaps the most disturbing passage by CCV is included in its "optional text" to send to the companies. It states, "A side note: We are also sad to see P&G and Kroger allow their employees to couple their good names with an event based on sexual behavior. Would P&G and Kroger allow their name (sic) to support a swingers or adulterers club? Whatever the title, it's all about sexual cravings!"

Methinks someone has difficulty controlling their carnal urges, and his initials are "P.B."

To provide some background, Burress is the man who said he became addicted to pornography while walking home one day many years ago and found a sexually explicit magazine laying on the ground. After viewing it, pornography became his all-consuming obsession and threatened  to ruin his life until he asked his God for help, Burress has said. Apparently God told him that interfering in the lives of others, whether they shared Burress' lack of self-control or not, was the best way to proceed and earn a nice salary in the process.

In 2002, records show Burress made an annual salary of $87,581 plus benefits; his wife, Vickie, who works as CCV's "victim assistance coordinator," makes $28,167 plus benefits. No doubt, the salaries have increased in the intervening years.

Who knew this "God business" paid so well?

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