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'SistaHood' Returns to WAIF

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Ending a seven-month suspension from the air, The SistaHood Show is returning to its weekly berth at WAIF (88.3 FM) beginning today.

The program, co-hosted by Victoria Straughn and Crystal Allen, was a casualty of the ongoing strife at the community radio station between many longtime volunteer programmers and Board Chairman Donald Shabazz, about how he manages the station.

SistaHood — which is described as a one-hour, black empowerment show — airs 5-6 p.m. Fridays.

Straughn and Allen recently sent a mass e-mail to listeners, thanking them for their support during the suspension.

In the e-mail, they also mentioned the topic for this week’s episode.

“In keeping with current issues and solutions for the vast problems facing black, urban America including the lack of viable grocery stores in the ‘hood, I'll be playing a very important (pre-taped) discussion about what we must do as a community or nation within a nation to survive the food genocide that's plaguing our communities while focusing on solutions,” they wrote.

The studio telephone line at the station is 513-749-1444.

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