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They're Happy to Pay Taxes

Immigration reform supporters will hold a rally Wednesday afternoon, on the eve of Tax Day, to publicize recent research that indicates allowing current undocumented immigrants — or “illegal aliens” — to become legal, tax-paying citizens would produce billions of dollars in new tax revenues.

The rally will feature speakers from local businesses and government who will advocate changes in the law that would permit a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who currently are in the United States illegally.

A press release about the event states attendees will carry signs with slogans like “We Love Taxes!” and “Viva Taxes!”

Speakers at the event will include the Rev. Paula Jackson, pastor at Church of Our Saviour in Mount Auburn; Brennan Grayson, of the Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center; and Leo Pierson, an instructor at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

The rally will be held at 2 p.m. at the area's main U.S. Post Office, 1600 Dalton St., Queensgate.

The press release states, “After detailing their findings, many of the immigrants in attendance will take the opportunity to pay their taxes at the post office. Which they love doing.”

What a refreshing attitude amid the moaning and complaining of the Tea Party movement.

An estimated 32,000 Hispanic people live in the Tristate region, a 48 percent increase since 2000.

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04.13.2010 at 06:26 Reply
How about "Viva the law" and come here legally? The way this article makes the issue to be all about money reminds me of a corporation's attitude.


04.13.2010 at 09:40 Reply
Why do you enquote illegal alien instead of "undocumented immigrants?" In what other country are people who enter illegally and remain, or enter legally and stay past the expiration of their visas, considered so lovingly? How many people are living under your roof illegally? Does it occur to you that that illegal immigrants working below the radar depress wages for everyone?