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Fox News' Shocking Results

Although Fox News hasn’t touted the results so far on any of its shows, a poll by the ultra-conservative cable TV network found that the public views President Obama and the Internal Revenue Service more favorably than the Tea Party movement.

No, I’m not making this stuff up.

The poll, which was released Thursday, found Obama had a favorability rating of 50 percent, followed by the IRS at 49 percent. The Tea Party trailed, at 36 percent.

For the record, the Democratic Party had a 42 percent favorability rating, and the Republican Party had 40 percent.

Mimicking some other recent polls, the Fox survey also found that a popular local GOP lawmaker didn’t fare so well with the nation at large.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-West Chester) had just 12 percent approval, lower than either House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (29 percent) or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (16 percent) — although those aren’t exactly spectacular numbers.

It’s a good thing Boehner is running in his reliably red district that is prone to voting for him despite any type of outrageous behavior — like passing out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor in 1995 — instead of on a national ticket.

The Fox poll’s results have the Internet abuzz, being discussed on progressive Web sites like Raw Story and AlterNet, and conservative ones like Prison Planet.

Generally, the results are similar to other recent polls, however, including one discussed on this blog recently, “The State of the Nation” poll by The Daily Kos.

Some skeptical commenters here questioned those results because a liberal-leaning site commissioned the poll. We wonder if those same pundits will find fault with their beloved Fox News.

04.09.2010 at 06:28 Reply
nice try. you know full well the tone and tenor of news coverage influences public opinion. That the news media including journalists who may once upon a time have attempted to exercise objectivity and neutrality in their reporting have gone out of their way for almost a year to cast the Tea Party Movement in a bad light is reflected in a low favorability rating is to be expected.


04.11.2010 at 01:04
Nobody has to go out of the way to cast the astroturf Tea "Party" in a bad light. Their behavior has been repulsive, their opinions have been completely uninformed and the have earned their low numbers. It is a movement full of fearful old white people that want to go back to the "good old days". Their "good old days" were when black people were in the back of th bus, women were in their place and common decency (i.e. pc crap) wasn't expected.


04.12.2010 at 04:45 Reply
Very interesting data. Seems to suggest that those watching Fox aren't ultra conservative as the coverage and pundits often are. So much attention has been paid to Fox's biased coverage (The Daily Show, blogs) that perhaps many of those who watch the show are now there to see the bias first hand.