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Driehaus' Address Is Published; He Responds

Just when you think the tactics of far-right health care reform opponents can’t get any worse, they do.

Today’s issue of The Whistleblower – a gossipy Web-based newsletter – published the home address of U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill), who voted in favor of the recent health care reform bill. The newsletter suggests opponents stage a protest at his house on Sunday.

“Hey, everybody — how about a little Whistleblower protest at the Drinkhaus mansion at (deleted) Avenue in Price Hill this Sunday?” it reads. After providing a link for directions, it adds, “Make sure you click on the address and then the street view.”

Since the House of Representatives voted on the bill Sunday night, the local Democratic Party headquarters had a rock thrown through its window and Driehaus’ congressional office has received death threats via telephone. Similar incidents have been reported across the nation.

“There’s not much that surprises me anymore,” Driehaus said today. “It’s wildly inappropriate.”

Referring to The Whistleblower’s publisher, he added, “Jim Schifrin doesn’t have kids, I think.”

Last week The Cincinnati Enquirer published a full-page retraction and apology for running an ad by a special interst group that included a photograph of Driehaus and his daughters. The newspaper said including the girls was inappropriate.

Driehaus said he'll be ready if a weekend protest is held and appears to endanger his wife or two young daughters.

“I certainly hope not,” he said about the likelihood of a protest. “I will call the police to protect my family.”

The incendiary atmosphere swirling around the issue shows a failure of Republican leadership, Driehaus said.

“When you take things like that and the House minority leader saying I’m a dead man if I come back in town, it’s just over-the-top,” Driehaus said. “I think a lot of this rhetoric has gotten out-of-bounds. Especially if you look at all the things in the bill. There’s a lot of great things for families.

“We’ve gotten death threats. I’ve gotten a couple, and other offices have received a lot more.”

Driehaus believes GOP politicians should publicly condemn the tactics and ask their followers not to participate. He cited an incident Sunday in which some Republican lawmakers – like U.S. Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) -- went onto the balcony of the Capitol and encouraged protesters.

“I don’t see the Republican leaders standing up and acting like leaders,” he said. “If they’re concerned about the bill, let’s deal with the bill and keep the discourse civil. Instead, they’re fanning the flames and are out on the balcony egging them on."

“It’s as if these people have no filters,” Driehaus said about the protesters. “I look forward to being back in Cincinnati soon, where my friends and family are.”

This isn’t the first time GOP politicians have become embroiled in The Whistleblower’s antics.

The newsletter is frequently criticized for writing racist and misogynistic comments as regular parts of its content, including a joke about President Obama’s assassination.

Regardless, Schifrin has been photographed with Rob Portman, the Terrace Park Republican who’s running for the U.S. Senate, and has lunch dates with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

In January 2009, Schifrin – who uses the alias Charles Foster Kane -- wrote about one of his lunches with Deters: “…Hamilton County Prosecutor ‘JayWalking Joe’ Deters, although McCain’s Southwest Ohio Chairman, did find time to sample the hot and sour soup at the King Wok in Clifton on Friday with Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane, where the pair compared the latest tasteless Obama jokes, such as: Q: What do Abe Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama have in common? A: Nothing, yet!

“Q: What's the difference between Sarah Palin naked and Michelle Obama naked? A: Playboy and National Geographic!”

I wonder how Schifrin would like it if his home address was published?

UPDATE: Here's an article about a similar incident in Virginia.

03.24.2010 at 08:35 Reply
both addresses are published: on the Auditor's website. not that the attacks on Driehaus are excusable, but seriously. If I still had a phone book I'd probably find them listed there, too.


03.24.2010 at 10:25 Reply
That fat @ss Schifrin doesn't actually write the whistleblower, he's the so-called 'publisher'. Scumbag Brad Beckett writes all of the sleaze that's in that rag.


03.27.2010 at 12:52 Reply
What is so shocking. The Democrats use these tactics every day. They fake attacks on themselves to divert attention from something bad they are doing. How many of the fake attacks have the Dems turned in to the police and yet nothing is ever done to them. What would happen if a Republican faked attacks - - they would be thrown in jail. Plus how many real attacks have the Democrats instigated onto Republicans and Conservatives. How many hateful things did they say about Bush and Cheney. How about the movie trying to convince Dems it would be great to assassinate Bush. Nothing was too vile or evil to do to them- but that is okay because they are the superior Liberals and anything they do is okay. How about the protests at they do at conservative people. That was okay right? How about the Black Panthers standing outside a voting place with billy clubs and shouting intimidating things to voters - -and the Liberal Attorney General dismissed the charges. That was okay, right? Democrats are such hypocrites and liars. But then they are so good at it and at playing the victim. Their whole party is based on being the victim anymore.


04.13.2010 at 02:27 Reply
From Raw Story: An article from the Associated Press says the video (conservative activist Andrew) Breitbart trumpeted was not shot at the time the black lawmakers say they were targeted with the N-word; rather, the video was shot an hour later, as the group emerged from a congressional meeting. They had alleged that they were targeted as they were walking into the meeting. Asked by AP about the inconsistency, Breitbart responded, "I'm not saying the video was conclusive proof." On Sunday, the Washington Post's ombudsman asserted that there was at least some truth to the allegations of abusive behavior at the protest. Responding to criticism of the paper's coverage by conservative activists, ombudsman Andrew Alexander went through a list of allegations of slurs, and found merit in many of them: Many readers have told me there is no evidence to support The Post's report that Frank was subjected to anti-gay slurs. They're wrong. An ABC News video recorded the incident inside a House office building. When ABC aired its video, the epithets were bleeped. A review of the unaltered footage, made by ABC at my request, clearly captures a protester shouting, "Barney, you faggot." Case closed. Alexander wrote that video footage does show that Rep. Cleaver was spat on as he walked through the crowd, but he says the video "suggests" Cleaver may have been spat on accidentally. And he also reported that spokespeople for Reps. Carson and Lewis are standing by their assertion that they were repeatedly called the N-word.