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March 16th, 2010 By Ben L. Kaufman | News | Posted In: Media Criticism

BBC's Kay Gives a Local Shout Out


When Katty Kay was asked during her visit here last week about the most trustworthy news source, she joked that her bosses at the British Broadcasting Corp. would not be pleased if she answered anything but “BBC.”

Beyond loyalty, she was right in a global sense. For decades, BBC’s World Service has been the most trusted news source in dozens of languages.

Kay is the BBC’s correspondent in Washington, D.C. Had her hosts, the Cincinnati Woman’s City Club, served brie and chardonnay, it might have sprayed across the room later when she praised The Cincinnati Enquirer’s local coverage and efforts to hold local politicians accountable.

Whatever you think of our sole surviving daily newspaper, Kay was correct in the context of her remarks: Brits have both great and awful but always dominant national papers, while local dailies often are little more that entry points and basic training camps for aspiring young journalists.

Even the once-revered “Manchester” Guardian is a London paper today, simply The Guardian.

(For more on Katty Kay’s March 11 speech to the Woman's City Club, check out my story "A View from Abroad.")

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