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CS13 Grass Roots Grant Dinner

As part of their Creative Economy exhibit, CS13 is hosting a grass roots grant dinner at 5 p.m. on March 14, where all creative types are invited to submit a project proposal in order to get a little financial boost. 

The Creative Economy exhibit deals with art and economics, particularly the prospects for creative sustainability in Cincinnati and nationally, art and its relationship to capital, and various narratives about how economic realities effect creative endeavors. The grant dinner will be part of the closing reception.

According to the gallery's press release, "This past December saw City Council eliminate the Cincinnati artists grants program and its administrator from the city's 2010 budget, nixing the modest yearly total of $35,000 that was distributed through competitive individual artist grants...In response to these cuts, the closing grant dinner is intended to illuminate alternative funding possibilities at a grass roots level."

Each individual who attends the potluck-style dinner pays $10 for a plate. Prior to the dinner, the gallery will be accepting people's grant proposals, which will then be passed out and evaluated during dinner. Everyone who purchases a meal will get one vote to determine which creative project gets the grant. And then all income from the evening will be given to the chosen project. The amount of money is determined by the number of people attending. More people = more money!

In order to have a chance at the cash, you have to submit a paragraph summary of your project proposal/creative endeavor to contemporaryspace13@gmail.com by MARCH 1. Include your name, e-mail address and phone number. If you want to use snail mail, drop off a physical copy of your proposal to the gallery space at 1219 Sycamore St. Again, the deadline is MARCH 1.

Let's say you don't have an idea but you still want to hang out, you can RSVP for the dinner via e-mail, Facebook or by a note through the mail slot of the gallery or contribute a dish (vegan, vegetarian or meat are all welcome).

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