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January 8th, 2010 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: Music News, Local Music

Things Heat Up for Foxy Shazam

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The hard work local experimental Rock/Soul/Pop/Prog/Glam oddballs Foxy Shazam have put in on the road the past couple of years is starting to pay off big time. Recent Foxy news includes everything from the impending release of the band’s major-label debut for Sire Records to gigging with Courtney Love in the U.K. to collaborations with Rock legend Meat Loaf.

There’s so much going on in the madcap world of Foxy Shazam, it’s hard to know where to begin. 2010 is looking to be the year Foxy breaks big. Here’s just a sampling of recent newsworthy items:

• Two songs from the band’s Sire debut, Au Contraire, are available now as an MP3 single (there’s still no confirmed release date for the full-length, save “early 2010”). “Wanna-Be Angel” (which also includes the new “Bye Bye Symphony”) is available now at all major download retailers. You can also hear both tracks on the band’s MySpace page here, along with another new track, “Walking in the Air,” which appeared on a Sire/Warner Bros. Christmas compilation alongside tracks by The Flaming Lips, R.E.M., My Chemical Romance and Michael Bublé. There is also a vinyl 7-inch version available of the “Angel” single. The songs are excellent and have a bit more focus than many of the tracks from the band’s manic debut, Introducing. There’s certainly a more “radio friendly” vibe, with instantly-memorable melodies ready to forcibly take your ears hostage, which suggests Foxy superstardom is a real possibility. (There’s a rumor that Warner Bros. has predicted Grammy nominations for the new material.)

• A “trailer” promoting the new album (and featuring the probable hit song, “Unstoppable,” which I predict will be Foxy’s big-time crossover, mainstream hit) is floating around online.

Stick around until the end, as the video switches to a live show during which singer Eric Nally appears to take on the entire audience (“Twenty bucks says none of y’all dumb white people can kill me,” Nally announces).

Luckily, probably because everyone was completely confused by Nally’s comment (not an uncommon occurrence in Foxyworld), no one took him up on the offer.

• Foxy was named one of Spin magazine’s “10 Artists to Watch in 2010.” “Bye Bye Symphony” is included on the free 2010: A Look Ahead compilation album, available for download here.

• Gifted, eccentric frontman/singer/songwriter Eric Nally is reportedly working on some songwriting for Meat Loaf’s forthcoming “comeback” album. The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins is also helping the Loaf on the new release.

Here’s another strange YouTube clip, this one featuring Nally getting a haircut as Meat Loaf talks about recording the new record and tells of his new nickname for the Foxy singer, “Dartania” (presumably a Three Musketeers reference).

• More weird YouTube videos? Check out an a capella Doo Woppy version of the new song “Evil Thoughts,” recorded for the Rock On Altitude online TV show.

• The U.K. (and U.K. music weekly NME) love them some Foxy. The band plays an “NME Awards Show” showcase around Valentine’s Day, fittingly with Ms. Courtney Love and her reconstituted Hole (featuring, like The Smashing Pumpkins, no original members except the main one). If you happen to be headed across the pond in February, you can pick up tickets here. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Eric and Courtney meet — that’s going to be some fascinating conversation.

• Check out this review of Foxy’s show in London last month. “Andrew WK meets Dexys (Midnight Runners) meets Springsteen”? I think they meant it as a compliment.

If you’re placing bets on what local band makes it huge in 2010, betting on Foxy is like betting on the Yankees to win the World Series again. The odds are on your side.

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