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October 21st, 2008 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: CEAs, Local Music

A Couple of Burning CEA Quesions Answered

I've been receiving a lot of questions about the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards so I thought I'd take a minute to clear a few things up. 

The big question: Can people vote more than once? While the voting program online allows you to vote as much as you want, your first vote is the only one that will be counted. So, no, you can vote just once. (I'm imagining some musician who has spent the past week night and day stuffing the ballot box, reading this and throwing his or her computer across the room.)

The other question has a less direct answer: Why wasn't I nominated? Every year there are many deserved artists who get passed over by the CEAs. It's not meant to be an insult. There are just only so many slots available.

To be frank, I have mixed feelings about "awards shows" like this. I agree with those who say "art is not a contest." But, ultimately, someone wins and someone loses. And that's hard. The ones who don't win or get nominated shouldn't take it personally. I do definitely love the CEAs as an event — I've always seen the awards as an excuse to throw a big party and honor all of our local music community.

We had around 35 judges in the nominating committee this year, and they included club owners, music writers, local-music friendly DJs, promoters. I'm always confident that the people chosen to nominate artists have a good grasp on the local music scene. That's why we ask them.

So, if you weren't nominated, it only means that you didn't receive enough nominations from the committee. They might have missed you. They might have thought others were more deserving. I don't know. They're not asked to show their work.

Finally, I'm not the one who decides who is nominated. I have one ballot, like everyone else, and I'm in charge of tallying the votes. That's it. Because you weren't nominated doesn't mean I don't like your band.

What does one have to do to earn a CEA nomination? Work hard. Put out a kick-ass album. Play around town a lot. Get your name out there. Promote your band. Then, next year, it might just be your turn.

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