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Changing of the Guard

A familiar face in local politics has traded in one job for another.

Jeff Cramerding, the longtime executive director of the Charter Committee, quietly resigned from that position on Sept. 2 to become a full-time campaign consultant. Cramerding was hired by Charter — Cincinnati’s unofficial third political party — in December 2000.

Although not well-known by the general public, Cramerding is a controversial figure in political circles.

Supporters say he is a brilliant political strategist who has helped manage several winning campaigns, including Democrat David Pepper’s 2006 race for the Hamilton County Commission and Charterite Chris Bortz’ 2005 campaign for Cincinnati City Council.

Also, Cramerding has provided campaigning advice to City Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz, a Republican, and Councilman Jeff Berding, a Democrat, in the past.

Critics, however, call Cramerding arrogant, adding that he cannot accept criticism. Additionally, his role as a registered lobbyist at City Hall for a real estate development firm in 2003 has been questioned.

The Charter Committee hasn’t yet selected Cramerding’s replacement, according to a spokeswoman.

10.09.2009 at 06:56 Reply
well, not to knock your opinion Kevin, but Jeff Cramerding is just about as uncontroversial as they come. Jeff is a Charter Democrat having started in local politics working on Forrest Buckley's campaigns. He was also instrumental in getting Christopher Smitherman elected so unsure why you selectively chose to omit that fact. Anyway, Jeff's a quite decent guy, he'll do very well for himself, and best wishes to him!


10.10.2009 at 02:53 Reply
Since the 1920's members of the Charter Committee have been at the forefront of the City's leadership, elected and volunteer. Thousands of Charterites have organized to study and improve the City's economic development, civil service, public health, and many other matters to ensure that the City is well managed, responsive to its citizenry and a leader in municipal government. Among other accomplishments we also count various consumer and environmental-protection measures. Charter has been the organization that has represented all of the City's people, black and white, male and female, the elderly and the children. But at the same time, Charter has insisted on the highest standars of fiscal accountability, earning the City the highest possible credit ratings. I jsut hope that whoever will replace him will really do his job without using any emergency loans.


10.10.2009 at 12:50
WTF does that mean? "emergency loans"?