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The Duke Robillard Band

0 Comments · Thursday, December 21, 2000
With all the overeating and binge drinking, it's no wonder that the holidays are cause for the blues. We recommend THE DUKE ROBILLARD BAND for a little commiserating over the next couple of week  

Medeski, Martin & Wood

0 Comments · Thursday, December 14, 2000
If Medeski, Martin & Wood's current live show is reflective of their current album, The Dropper, then it's well-recommended that you go into this with a very open mind, especially if you're a   

The Sound of Urchin

0 Comments · Thursday, December 7, 2000
While the self-titled major label debut from New Hope, Pennsylvania's The Sound of Urchin has chunky guitar riffs, some funky, soulful beats and rapped lyrics, you won't soon be confusing them w  

Ominous Seapods

0 Comments · Thursday, November 30, 2000
WHILE POPULAR ON THE JAM BAND CIRCUIT, OMINOUS SEAPODS are one of those band's that have appeal beyond their hippie dancin' fanbase. The group's most recent release, The Super Man Curse, is an  


0 Comments · Thursday, November 2, 2000
THIS WEEKEND LOCAL BAND THISTLE (pictured) heads up one of the best bills of up-and-coming Indie Rock groups to hit town in a while. What's most refreshing is the diversity of the lineup. Washing  

Souls of Mischief

0 Comments · Thursday, October 26, 2000
Souls of Mischief were one of the top talents to emerge in Hip Hop in the '90s, blazing through the strong Oakland scene and emerging in 1993 with their debut, 'Til Infinity. That album and its  


0 Comments · Thursday, October 19, 2000
An Indie Rock band with a near-Classical approach (think lots o' strings) to composing and arranging, Rachel's have released four full-length album's for pioneering Chicago Indie label Touch a  

Creeper Lagoon

0 Comments · Thursday, October 12, 2000
Man, Creeper Lagoon know how to build anticipation. When I Become Small and Go was released a couple years back it stood as one of the best Indie Pop albums of the year but still felt a bit incomplet  

New Bomb Turks

0 Comments · Thursday, October 5, 2000
Having the word "Bomb" in the band name and showing an explosion on their most recent album cover is oh-so fitting for the New Bomb Turks. Punk Rock has been through the ringer the past few ye  

Big Ass Truck

0 Comments · Thursday, September 28, 2000
Memphis' Big Ass Truck have made a name with an unusual blend of Rock, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop and through seemingly endless road trips. Imagine if the Beastie Boys came from the South and could a  


0 Comments · Thursday, September 21, 2000
With their latest album, See It Another Way, Athens-based group Macha have taken the fascinating World-meets-Indie Rock they presented on their debut to new heights. Where the debut occasionally m  

Joshua Redman

0 Comments · Thursday, September 7, 2000
Stylistic changes, musical experiments and idealistic tangents aside, saxophonist Joshua Redman still possesses in his hands and heart enough promise and holds enough soul in the yet-to-be played   

Sister Seven

0 Comments · Thursday, August 31, 2000
Mixing gritty Rock, catchy Pop and urban Blues with an even hand, Sister Seven's latest release, Wrestling Over Tiny Matters (Arista), is a thorough treat that should have you tossing out those M  

Buju Banton

0 Comments · Thursday, August 17, 2000
Politically aware and full of songwriting talent, Buju Banton is the quintessential Reggae man. With much love from the Reggae, R&B and Rock community, Banton is one of modern Reggae's best offer  

Yonder Mountain String Band

0 Comments · Thursday, August 10, 2000
One of the latest and increasingly popular "Newgrass" groups on the scene, Colorado's Yonder Mountain String Band, will bring their speedy, diverse Bluegrass stylings into the BarrelHouse for what sh