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Easy Exploration: Last.fm Merges Marketing and Musical Discovery

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 13, 2008
What would a major label's version of   

New-World RCRD: New music 'label' tries a different approach

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 2, 2008
New-World RCRD: New music 'label' tries a different approach The Revolution Train´s been rolling for a couple months, so it´s no surprise that it´s finally pulled into the local s  

Radiohead Finds Gold at the End of Rainbows

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Radiohead's pay-what-you-want experiment, aka In Rainbows, has been selling strongly, with people choosing to pay a little less than they'd pay for better quality versions at Amazon. While the   

The Amazon (Digital) River

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Political candidates live in dread of the "October Surprise," a cataclysmic or world-changing (but unpredictable) event that changes our perspective. Not necessarily 9/11, but maybe a ship bombi  

Turning Over a New Lease: The Problems With Rental Music

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I've always wondered how the other half lives. You know, the XM/HD Full-Spread Cable set. So I checked out three popular subscription music plans, each promising the world for less than the cost   

Shellac the record store rack

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 8, 2007
It's the end of radio. The last announcer plays the last record. The last watt leaves the last transmitter, in search of a listener. Can you hear me now. Can you hear me now? Is it really broadca  

Lala, Warners shatter music-sharing glass ceiling

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Imagine sharing your whole music library. Not just with friends and family, but anyone on the Internet. What if major label tracks were playable on any computer or player? What if the whole sheban  

For Money or ...?

0 Comments · Monday, June 11, 2007
With parents scarred by The Depression, baby-boomers came of age under Ronald Reagan, cashing out dreams of a Great Society for "incredibly sweet" deals. As Rush Limbaugh infected the airwaves   

Super Seeds: Nick Cave and Co. Get it Right on New DVD/CD Set

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 2, 2007
This column marks a milestone for the DistroRevo. After nearly a year of playing catch-up with old stuff, we're covering a brand new release! Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' live set The Abattoir B  

Something for Nothing: BNL Drop the Ball on New Videos

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Mid-1990s darlings Barenaked Ladies have been riding the new media train for quite a while, but their latest work is a major label's fantasy. The new BNL album is a collection of unused tracks fr  

Still Rebels Without a Pause

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 7, 2007
What separates a compilation of cast-offs from a classic? When I finally managed to separate the discs from the packaging, Public Enemy's latest, Beats and Places, fell apart in my hands. Literal  

Limited Choice

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 7, 2007
At last month's Consumer Electronics Show, Disney chief Bob Iger said, "From my perspective, the best way to combat piracy is to bring content to market on a well-timed, well-priced basis." Hol  

Information Overload

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 10, 2007
While Sept. 11, 2001, was a catalyst, 2006 will be remembered as a tipping point. Just as agriculture led from cities and empires to corporations and industries, data and network technology have c  

Mash Pit

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 13, 2006
As promised, we're returning to the seas of data for another pod fishin' expedition. This time we're digging a little deeper into the emerging world of "mash-ups." While not exactly podcasts,  

Mix It Yourself

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Last month, EMI Chief Executive Alain Levy said that the CD was "dead" (note the quotes). While this made for great headlines, it required a fair degree of selective listening (and quoting!) to