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Sounds and Furies, Signifying Everything

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 17, 2016
The rise of Wussy over the past 11 years may ultimately stand as one of the most improbable yet inevitable success stories in Cincinnati music history.  

What's Your Story?

True Theatre and other storytelling endeavors connect Cincinnatians

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 3, 2016
"Tell me a story.” That’s been a human desire since prehistoric times as tales have been spoken from person to person and passed from place to place, even before they were written down.   

Where the Animals Go in Winter

The Cincinnati Zoo prepares its menagerie for winter long before cold weather hits

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Year-round, the zoo and its staff run like a well-oiled machine — some efforts visible to visitors and many more behind the scenes — ensuring that each of its inhabitants is happy and healthy, no matter the weather. 

Pages and Perseverance

Cartoonist Carol Tyler explores life through art

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 20, 2016
It’s a frigid January afternoon a couple weeks before Carol Tyler’s exhibition featuring work from her past, present and future is set to open at the University of Cincinnati’s Meyers Gallery.  

Up for Grabs

Ohio and Cincinnati brace for a big year in politics

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 30, 2015
The coming year looks to be full of intense national political battles, and we’re right in the middle of them.   

Disappearing DIY

Cincinnati’s weird, wild alternative spaces face new challenges as development in the city heats up

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 16, 2015
As interest in urban living continues to take hold in Cincinnati and those once-neglected pockets of the city attract the gaze of developers, the future of unique do-it-yourself places has become uncertain.   

Home Away from Home

The Bethany House expands with hopes of addressing the increasing issues facing families at risk of homelessness

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 9, 2015
At the beginning of this year, BHS took over operations of the Mercy Health - St. John Social Services housing program. It was another step in a big growth streak.  

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Food

Solving America’s food waste problem one misshapen carrot at a time

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Fruits and vegetables that are misshapen or bruised — although perfectly fine, safe and tasty to cook with and eat — usually go unsold and are eventually thrown out.

Niche Market

Why minor league hockey thrives in a big-league sports town like Cincinnati

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The Cincinnati Cyclones aren’t the biggest name in a town, but the franchise has found its niche in the sports marketplace and is doing quite well, thank you.  

Project Censored

Ten big stories news media ignored in 2015

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Even in the social-media era, when a small news outlet can create a viral story, some of the biggest news of the past year never got to most of the public.

A New Perfect Moment

Cincinnati celebrates photographer Robert Mapplethorpe 25 years after controversy

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 14, 2015
For two days this month — Oct. 23 and 24 — Cincinnati will celebrate the glory of Robert Mapplethorpe’s art and life.    

Ladies First

Rachelle Caplan leads crew of local DIY artists and activists to present first-ever Cincinnati Ladyfest

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 7, 2015
While she knows full well today, the first time Rachelle Caplan visited Cincinnati six years ago, she thought, “Where are my ladies at?”   

Ladyfest: Grassroots Collaborative Feminism in Action

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 7, 2015
The concept of this weekend’s Ladyfest — Cincinnati’s iteration of the interdisciplinary fest promoting women involved in arts and activism — began in Olympia, Wash., in the summer of 2000 as a six-day festival of female bands, artists and speakers. Back then, calling oneself a feminist was not as fashionable as it is now, thanks in part to more mainstream female celebrities like Beyoncé, Amber Rose and Taylor Swift, who have owned the F-word in years since.  

The 22 Emojis Cincinnati Needs for Expressing Life in the Queen City

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Kim Davis, salmon shorts, cornhole, a parrothead — our Cincy-centric emojis include all the tiny images Cincinnatians have been yearning for.

Keeping it Fresh

Looking back on three decades of new works and talent at Ensemble Theatre

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 2, 2015
This year marks Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati’s 30th anniversary. It was launched in 1986 to support local professional artists, driven by strong faith in the transformative power of the arts to create sustainable communities.