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Cover Story: Artistic Awareness

Twenty-one artists contemplate the actual cost of war

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Local photographer Gordon Baer and 21 contributing artists explore the conflicting emotional states that arise in all wars and consider how wars throughout all generations have invariably generate  

Cover Story: Ready, Set, Fringe

Fifth annual Cincy Fringe Festival will expand your horizons

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 21, 2008
See also Visual Fringe Preview See also Film Fringe Preview Perhaps it's the nature of "fringe theater" that, as the Cincy Fringe Festival is about to launch its fifth annual celebration (M  

Cover Story: Going With the Gut

New direction, new venue, mural project breathe life into Visual Fringe

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Visual Fringe is revving up for an improved and exciting 2008 after what organizers acknowledge was an off year. The hope is that this year will develop a visual arts audience for the Cincy Frin  

Cover Story: Unusual Visions

Film grabs the spotlight in Fringe Festival's growing arts arsenal

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Just about anyone can make a "film" these days. Digital cameras, computer-based editing, enhanced sound equipment, reduced costs and other less obvious factors have resulted in a landslide of f  

Cover Story: Spreading the Word

InkTank remains committed to its mission despite challenges

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 14, 2008
InkTank is still kicking. Following months of speculation and internal wrangling, the nonprofit literacy center announced in late April that it was moving from a small staff of paid employees to   

Cover Story: 2008 Women's Issue: See Jane Run

Women and politics, and why it makes a difference that we're involved

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
During a conversation about birth control and abortion, a female Republican friend once told me: "If men had babies, you could have an abortion by drinking tap water." That might be an exagge  

Cover Story: The Clinton Campaign Legacy

Local women discuss the Clinton effect and how women win in politics

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
It's happened in Israel, India, Ireland and England. It's even happened in Liberia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Chile. But in the United States, a country where women make up a majority of t  

Cover Story: Riding the Wave of Change

Wulsin says her profession and her gender have informed her candidacy

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
I knew Democratic congressional candidate Victoria Wulsin was a woman of many talents, so I didn't bat an eyelash when she drew a picture during our interview. On a scrap of paper in her Anderson  

Cover Story: Kentucky Woman

Art meets feminism through the Kentucky Foundation for Women

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
In Northern Kentucky, a number of women struggle to realize their dream of sharing their art and instigating change within their community. The Kentucky Foundation for Women (KFW) hopes to shepher  

Cover Story: Babies at Risk

Minority preemie and mortality rates a question of access and education, but there is help

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Every time a woman gets pregnant, a piece of her community's future sits precariously between her hipbones. Her quality of life during pregnancy can set her child up for disease, disability, ear  

Cover Story: Connecting the Dots

Making the world a better place one leader at a time

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
What question lies at the heart of your work? Mary Pierce Brosmer, founder of Women Writing for (a) Change, posed this idea to a group recently as keynote speaker for the Woman's Leadership Symposiu  

Cover Story: Restricted Access

How legislation, moral views and pricing are changing the availability of birth control locally

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Since the Supreme Court has yet to reverse Roe v. Wade, ladies, it's still your body and it's still your choice. And whether or not you choose to pop the pill, wear the patch or regret it the morni  

Cover Story: Women by the Numbers

It's not all good in Ohio and Kentucky

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Ohio and Kentucky are near mirror images in the political and economic status of their women. Though we've made gains, we still have some catching up to do. Women make up just over half of both st  

Cover Story: Where to Eat

250 great restaurants in Greater Cincinnati

1 Comment · Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Asian Amarin Flavor: Amarin is friendly, delicious and a great value. The Thai Jade Noodle is the the most flavorful spinach pasta we've ever tasted. Better yet is the duck, a boneless duck   

Cover Story: Dining Guide 2008

Your table is ready

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Quick link: 250 great restaurants Quick link: 12 great tables Quick link: Updates on local restaurant chefs/owners Welcome to the 2008 "Where to Eat" Dining Guide, CityBeat's annual spri