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My Bloody Server Crash

Plus, Motorhead's Boxed Vino and NKOTB Sells Out? WTF?!

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 6, 2013
My Bloody Valentine's servers make long-suffering fans wait one more day for new album, Motorhead unveils new boxed wine and Cincinnati music fans sell out arena boy band show in hours.

Nickelback: More Popular Than Gonorrhea?

Plus, Motorheadphones debut and "Love Me Do" enters Europe's public domain

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Motorheadphones storm the headphone market with a focus on mid-range audio and a Motorhead logo; The Beatles' "Love Me Do" is now in the public domain in Europe, meaning less money for Yoko; and Americans think the current Congress is worse than cockroaches, Brussels sprouts, lice and Nickelback, but better than gonorrhea (so they've got that going for them).   

Gaga's Shrinkmobile, Tapes & Vinyl Thrive and More

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Lady Gaga's next tour jaunt will include the BornBrave Bus, a safe place for fans to participate in talk sessions about “mental health, depression, bullying, school and friends"; CD sales continued to plummet in 2012, but the vinyl LP, cassette and even MiniDisc formats all got a sales boost; in this week's installment of "Just another day in The Flaming Lips," the band's giant, laser-shooting hands were stolen at a festival show. If giant, laser-shooting hands weren't so hip right now, they would have been so much easier to find.

RIP Gangnam Style, New Grohl

0 Comments · Friday, January 4, 2013
The fluke superstar of 2012, Psy, says his huge hit single has gotten too popular and he may retire it, Dave Grohl puts together Sound City Players to pimp new film at Sundance and Kanye and Kim announce they are to have a big-bottomed, very confident baby.

Sandy Show Scores, Deadmau5 Tweetgagement & PSY Trouble

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 19, 2012
The sometimes clunky 12.12.12 concert helps Sandy survivors, Dave Grohl's new movie and Paul McCartney's new album sales. Plus, Deadmau5 tweets a marriage proposal to Kat von D and PSY's career narrowly avoids implosion after "anti-American" lyrics mistranslated.

Dre Beats All, Metallica's Coup and 'Time' Hearts Psy

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Dr. Dre tops Forbes list of highest-earning musicians, all thanks to his work in the field of headphones; Metallica officially owns its master recordings thanks to a clause in its 1994 record contract with Warner Music Group; and Jay-Z, Pussy Riot and … Psy (?!) are among Time magazine's "Persons of the Year" for 2012.

Lips Stay Weird, W.K. Uninvited and Rihanna's Bad Trip

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 28, 2012
A month in the life of a Flaming Lip includes a space-age musical, a King Crimson cover album, a freaky radio drama and a disruptive grenade.

Costly Stones, Down With Brown and INXS Resigns

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 14, 2012
The Rolling Stones makes excuses for high ticket prices by saying they've already spent millions on production and rehearsals, Chris Brown isn't being forgiven quite so easily in Europe for his domestic abuse past and INXS reminds everyone they're still a band … by announcing their breakup.

No Doubt's Sorry, Mustaine's Regret and Epic Loses Grips

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 7, 2012
No Doubt removes music video after outcry over its use of Native American stereotypes, Dave Mustaine says he learned a lot this year, including how easily his foot fits in his mouth and Death Grips' antics (giving away their new album early, putting an erect penis on the cover, etc.) finally get them dropped from Epic.  

Yoko Cleared, National Outrage & Nirvana: The Musical?

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Paul McCartney says we can all stop blaming The Beatles' breakup on Yoko Ono and start pointing fingers at Allen Klein, the song The National donated to the Obama campaign four years ago gets co-opted by a college pro-Romney group and court transcripts reveal that Courtney Love is at least considering a Broadway musical based on her late husband's music.

Jesus & Blunts, ’Clef's Stunts and Ferry Riders' Wants

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Rapper Game's big artistic statement with new album cover? He just wants to smoke weed, go to church and not be made fun of for it. Plus, Wyclef takes break from charity controversy to post crass photo and Canadian band Headwater is making a mint playing on boats.

Freddie Flick, Zeppelin Dick and Snoop Is Sick

1 Comment · Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen to portray Freddie Mercury in upcoming biopic, Robert Plant calls reporter a "schmuck" for asking about a Led Zeppelin reunion during a press conference about Led Zeppelin's reunion and Snoop Dogg is so high, he's rappin' about Hot Pockets now.

No Reunited Smiths, Pop Goes Punk and Fender Struggles

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Morrissey claims Coachella offered to make its 2010 festival "100% vegetarian" if he and guitarist Johnny Marr would reform as The Smiths and play the event; Justin Beiber and One Direction get Punk; and The New York Times reports on the struggles of the Fender guitar-making company amidst a poor economy and changing musical approaches and tastes.

Love Lost, Apple Bitten and Ballsy Lips

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Everyone wants The Beach Boys reunion tour to be an ongoing thing — except singer Mike Love, who wants to return to county fairs and casinos with his glorified tribute version of the band. Also, a Texas sheriff's spokesmen out-weirds Fiona Apple after her recent "drug bust" (tiny amounts of pot and hash were found on her tour bus) and rockers Black Lips have decided now would be a good time to tour Egypt and Iraq.

U.S. Loves Drake, Passion Pit Loves Tacos, Music Biz Hates You

1 Comment · Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Americans download more music illegally than any other country (and we steal Drake's music the most), Passion Pit defends Taco Bell ad and the RIAA won't be bilking you for hundreds of thousands of dollars anymore (but others just might)