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Locals Only: : Fizzgig

Pressing 'Reset,' punching out a new CD and biting at the heels of Japan and the U.K.

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Think of the damn amusing (and double platinum) eccentric band Weezer. Similar in Power Pop nature, local group Fizzgig has already scored a huge presence in the U.K. and Japan. With a name like   

Locals Only: : Seabird

Indie Rock quartet swims in connections

0 Comments · Monday, April 21, 2008
I believe that a music zone exists. It's a strange place where beauty hangs out in our hearts, the place where we feel a song's ghetto depth or sweet rise, the moment when a tune makes a certai  

Locals Only: : Greg Mahan

Eight years after his acclaimed debut, singer/songwriter finally unveils his sophomore album

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 9, 2008
When Greg Mahan mentions that eight years have passed since his solo debut, shock and disbelief seem to follow. "I'll talk to other musicians and friends, and they're like, 'Has it been eigh  

Locals Only: : Karizmata


0 Comments · Wednesday, April 2, 2008
While Cincinnati's Indie and Garage Rock acts continue to get the lion's share of the national spotlight, there are still quite a few straight-ahead Hard Rock bands in town, and Karizmata is amo  

Locals Only: : Pike

...From Someone So Small

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 2, 2008
One noticeable fact about the Cincinnati-based PiKE is that they have an uncanny sonic similarity to the Pixies, insofar as female vocalist Kelly Jarvis really sounds like Kim Deal. Typically anyt  

Locals Only: : Dallas Moore

He's a little bit Country, a little bit Rock & Roll and a whole lot of music

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Dallas Moore is no newcomer to the area music scene. He's released three studio albums, a live CD and a concert DVD over the past decade and won more than a dozen awards both locally (CEAs and C  

Locals Only: : The Tillers

New trio The Tillers revive Old-time music with 'Ludlow Street Rag'

0 Comments · Monday, March 24, 2008
Tonight The Tillers play for bar tips. But they've also been known to busk Clifton's street corners for burritos and dimes. For these three, it's not about scoring the prettiest stage. It's   

Locals Only: Local Only: Cut In The Hill Gang

Johnny Walker and gang dirty up a mess of Rock-shot Blues

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Cut in the Hill Gang vocalist/guitarist/creative spark plug Johnny Walker claims he doesn't have a lot of ambition. "I just want to sit around and play music," he says with a laconic laugh. H  

Locals Only: : Soul Unified Nation

Pete Dressman and the Soul Unified Nation bring on 'The Current'

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Once. Black. Jeremy. Why Go. Mention those words and I'm thrown back into the pits of the '90s, when Grunge devoured the music world. A true Alternative hurricane. Although I followed Pearl Jam cros  

Locals Only: : Voodoo Loons

Working both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with their debut, 'Euphobia'

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Voodoo Loons couldn't be considered a Celtic band by any stretch of the imagination. But they are very nearly a band of Celts. Loons frontman Dennis O'Hagan holds dual American and Irish citize  

Locals Only: : Clause 83

Cutting through the bullshit and not fearing flaming beds ... or much else

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Clause 83 will self-admittedly say that not all their songs are political but mostly about trying to just live life. In a modern society that's based on lies, psychosis and xenophobia, this woul  

Locals Only: : The Newbees

New CD, positive energy and creative freedom fuel this quartet

0 Comments · Sunday, February 17, 2008
At Sitwell's, The Newbees are on an electric high, jazzed-up from a Beatles tribute they just played over the weekend. All multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, they constantly share the spotl  

Locals Only: : Buckra

True 'camouflage playboys' release the finest CD of their career

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 6, 2008
The four members of Buckra cut it up like brothers. Feels like they shoot me with a hit of natural laugh medicine. Sarcastic humor = love. Not surprising how much they gel, considering Buckra's   

Locals Only: : Junior Revolution

It's all about the process and the passion

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 30, 2008
"Indie Rock with blurred edges" might be how Junior Revolution describes their sound, but I'm head-scratching here. Think of Cake, the band. When you listen to those puppies, you might jam alo  

Locals Only: : TimProject

Sweaty and nasty, Tim Willig goes it alone

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Let's begin with the planet Saturn and an unexplainable 25,000 kilometer-wide polygon at the planet's north pole. Or maybe start with the strange radio emissions that were also recorded there b