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Mecklenburg Gardens (Review)

Celebrate Cincinnati's German heritage at Corryville treasure

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 20, 2010
When you live in a city with an incredible German heritage, people sometimes ask whether it has great German restaurants. Before you suggest the famous one in that Italian city on the other side of the river, remember Mecklenburg Gardens. Sure, Hofbrauhaus has good beer, but Mecklenburg is a Cincinnati treasure.  

Europa (Review)

The flavors of Europe come alive in Covington

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 13, 2010
The Palmieris, the family most recently behind Angelina Fine Foods in Findlay Market, have another venture that's been flying a little below the radar since opening last June. It's Europa, located in the heart of Covington's MainStrasse area and bringing a taste of the old countries to Northern Kentucky.  

Butterbee's American Grille (Review)

Sports-centric eatery offers championship-caliber aura and eats

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Looking for a casual, clean and comfy place to cheer the Reds on during the playoffs or to gather with your Fantasy Football friends during a weekend nail-biter? With so many sports bars in the Greater Cincinnati area, it can be tough to find one that combines both the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and a great selection of game-time food.  

Joe's Diner (Review)

New incarnation of popular retro-diner space in OTR goes 'no frills' route

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I have such fond memories of Joe's in a previous incarnation, as The Diner on Sycamore. Saturday nights, the girls and I would begin our evening with a few delicious nibbles, have some wine, then make our way up the hill to Milton's. My good memories gave me high expectations. But, like projecting experiences with a former flame onto the present one, it's not especially fair.  

The Classy Pig (Review)

Ludlow’s unpretentious new barbecue utopia

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 22, 2010
If hickory smoke were a sacrament, The Classy Pig would be a chapel. It's a little small to be an actual church, but at Classy Pig, there’s true devotion to barbecue. This unpretentious new dining spot in a classic storefront in beautiful downtown Ludlow, Ky. has got a whole lotta smokin' goin' on.  

Jean-Robert's Table (Review)

Famed local chef Jean-Robert de Cavel's latest venture lives up to expectations

0 Comments · Tuesday, September 14, 2010
The opening of Jean-Robert's Table was a much-anticipated event in Cincinnati dining — so much anticipated, in fact, that I think we might have visited a bit soon. Sooner than we usually do for a CityBeat dining review. So with that caution in mind, how was master chef Jean-Robert de Cavel's new adventure? Very good.  

Star Lanes (Review)

Dinner at Newport’s new boutique bowling alley transcends typical gutter grub

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 8, 2010
The new Star Lanes at Newport on the Levee is connected to (and shares a kitchen and menu with) the restaurant Toro. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to eating at a crowded, noisy bowling alley, even if it was supposed to be a semi-classy "boutique" bowling experience, but I was surprised.  

Poco a Poco (Review)

Bringing tapas, energetic vibe and Latin flair to Hyde Park Square

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 1, 2010
New flavors are popping up everywhere in Cincinnati, and Poco a Poco is a recent example. This Latin American eatery in the space formerly occupied by Red seemed like the perfect spot for a summer night. So after strolling the streets of Hyde Park Square, we decided to unplug and give this new spot a whirl.  

Something in the Flair

Two upcoming competitions bring “flair bartending” to Cincinnati

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Some bartenders know people struggle with this decision of what bar or club they should attend. And because they want customers, some of them have upped their game. They don't think that just pouring and mixing drinks is enough for a customer. But what if they flipped a bottle of Three Olives Vodka over their shoulder to make your Cherry Bomb?  

Bombay Brazier (Review)

Doing authentic Indian cuisine to perfection

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I've eaten at many Indian restaurants in town and I enjoy them all, but Bombay Brazier is different. This is a dining experience. The owners, G. and Rip, bring style and class to a cuisine popularized by buffets, Americanized dishes and rushed, over-crowded dining rooms  

Sultan's Mediterranean (Review)

While still finding its operational footing, Sultan's cuisine is creating a big buzz

1 Comment · Tuesday, August 10, 2010
We often lament that Cincinnati restaurants featuring very ethnic (or creative) menus seem to have difficulty gaining traction and a consistent audience. Fortunately, it looks like Sultan’s Mediterranean Cuisine might prove an exception to this regrettable rule. Ethnic cuisine is its bread and butter, or "pita and olive oil," if you will.  

Mynt Martini (Review)

Along with fancy drinks, this Fountain Square establishment offers plenty of quality food options

1 Comment · Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Mynt Martini is mostly a place to have pricey specialty martinis in a swanky atmosphere. But, lucky for you, they serve tapas and sandwiches, too. Mynt has a couple things going for it: An unbeatable location on Fountain Square with patio seating and "Happy Days" specials until 8 p.m. on weekdays.  

ForkHeartKnife (Review)

Offering simple delectables and street-theater seating

0 Comments · Tuesday, July 27, 2010
If there were ever a perfect vantage point to watch the kind of moments that make city life so fascinating, it's at ForkHeartKnife, the tiny kitchen at Main and Liberty that's owned and operated by some of the friendliest and most creative women in Over-the-Rhine. After two visits to ForkHeartKnife, I'm a big fan. It's just such a personal experience, like dining with friends.  

Tony's (Review)

Seafood and steak specialist Tony Ricci offers an elegant dining experience

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Most people recognize Tony Ricci even if they can't place the name, and if you don't know his face just wait until he starts talking. He has a seductive, FM-deejay voice you've heard in the ubiquitous radio ads he made for former employer, Jeff Ruby. Working the room, Tony looks like he could play the smooth, well-connected manager of a high-end Vegas steakhouse in a Scorsese picture.  

Stone Creek Dining Company (Review)

New West Chester spot offers pleasant experience but standard fare

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Paul Sturkey's Mesh was one of the best restaurants in Greater Cincinnati, and its replacement certainly has some big shoes to fill. While Stone Creek Dining Company retains Mesh's good looks and fine dining prices, we wanted to see if the cuisine stood up to its predecessor's great reputation.