Carmen (Preview)

Cincinnati Ballet interpretation of classic adds fiery enthusiasm

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 8, 2012
At heart, Carmen is a sensual story of passion. Putting a daring new spin on one of the best-known and beloved stories of opera repertoire sounds like a tall order. But internationally renowned choreographer Amedeo Amodio is perfectly suited to create a contemporary-infused dance version. Expect fiery dancing filled with feeling and meaning.  

Dance Delights

6 Comments · Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Cincinnati Ballet’s The New Nutcracker is, in a word, spectacular. And I mean that in the literal sense: It’s truly a spectacle. Thursday evening’s well-attended opening night at the Aronoff Center offered an impressive smorgasbord of visual and dance delights.   

A Magical Makeover

Cincinnati Ballet’s The New Nutcracker gets its stellar act together

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Imagine what goes into creating a brand-new production of a beloved full-length ballet, top to bottom. The time is finally here: Cincinnati Ballet’s long-awaited, eagerly anticipated The New Nutcracker premieres Thursday at the Aronoff Center.   

Speaking His Language

Koresh Dance Company connects dancers and audiences through the language of dance

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 16, 2011
At heart, dance is all about expression, and Ronen “Roni” Koresh gets it. Over two decades, his jazz-infused yet modern Koresh Dance Company has earned a reputation for delivering powerhouse performances to sold-out venues nationally and abroad. For the first time in three years, the Philadelphia-based ensemble returns to the Aronoff Center’s Jarson-Kaplan Theater this weekend, kicking off Contemporary Dance Theater’s 2011-2012 Guest Artist Series.   

Everybody Dance Now

Myriad people and companies join forces for DanceCincinnati2011

0 Comments · Tuesday, September 20, 2011
For many Cincinnati area audiences, dance means classical ballet — annual Nutcracker performances or perhaps Swan Lake. But Mario de la Nuez and Meridith Benson, co-artistic directors of de la Dance Company, are trying to change all that with performance evenings like DanceCincinnati2011.  

A Current Affair

Cincinnati Ballet’s modern New Works takes risks and reaps rewards

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 14, 2011
No guts, no glory. No risk, no reward. These clichés generally hold true for Cincinnati Ballet’s annual season opener — its modern-leaning, mixed-bag New Works showcase — but they seem more apt than usual. This year’s Kaplan New Works Series, which opened on Thursday night at the Ballet’s own intimate Mickey Jarson Kaplan Studio, delivers on its titular promise — four of the five new works were world premier.  

Hot Moves, Fresh Directions

Local dance scene offers eclectic, high-energy productions

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Summer is winding down just as the dance season is heating up! This fall brings a host of delights from longtime companies as well as new directions for the local dance scene. Kicking off Cincinnati Ballet’s season with a bang once again is the eagerly anticipated annual Kaplan New Works Series Sept. 8-18 at the Mickey Jarson Kaplan Performance Studio.  

Music in Motion

Concert:Nova reinterprets scores for modern dance

1 Comment · Wednesday, July 6, 2011
This is not the chamber music of yesteryear. It’s hard to imagine a more artfully fun-filled summer evening of collaboration than what Concert:Nova has orchestrated for its season four finale on July 6. Audiences will get to delight in an original dance performance set to live, world-class chamber music in an unexpected space: outside in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Alice Bimel Courtyard, where sculptures round out the art-filled atmosphere.  

Perfect Pairings

Collaborating couples key to Cincinnati Ballet’s newest production

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Cross-pollinating arts audiences is paramount in today's economically uncertain times. Case in point: Cincinnati Ballet and storied Cincinnati band Over the Rhine (both beloved cultural icons locally and beyond) will share the stage this weekend at the Aronoff Center for three performances designed to draw fans of each.  

The Firebird Lets Risk Take Flight

The newest creation from the Cincinnati Ballet's Adam Hougland

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Where would dance be without risk? Risk-taking is required to progress the form, especially when it comes to ballet. In recent years, Cincinnati Ballet has taken bold leaps forward by presenting fresh, contemporary works both in their annual New Works studio series and season programs. The newest risk: Adam Hougland's The Firebird.  

No-Sleep 'Sleeping Beauty'

Cincinnati Ballet brings grandeur and history to Music Hall and vice versa

0 Comments · Thursday, October 21, 2010
Devon Carney is tired, but somehow he doesn't look the part. Cincinnati Ballet's associate artistic director has been putting in roughly 16-hour days recently. All these efforts go toward the company's upcoming production — ironically, 'The Sleeping Beauty.' The four performances this weekend mark Cincinnati Ballet's return to Music Hall.  

Fall Arts Preview: Dance

Options range from boundary-pushing to sexy

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I'm always sad to see summer go, but fall is around the corner and that means dance and so much more returns to local stages. Once again, Cincinnati Ballet kicks off the season with its ever-evolving 'New Works' production featuring, well, new works from local, national and international choreographers. Cin City Burlesque, Performance and Time Arts Series and Contemporary Dance Theater also have new offerings.  

Gala Gallantry

Dancers with local ties perform in the Gala of International Dance Stars

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Galas mean celebrations, and this year's ninth annual Gala of International Dance Stars brings not only a thrilling evening of dance for the audience but also excitement for the classically trained professional performers. Presented by ballet tech cincinnati at the Aronoff Center, the Gala offers a powerhouse pack of extraordinary dancers hand-picked from top companies from around the country and beyond.  

Dance of the Living Dead

Service for the dead becomes dance for the living in Cincinnati Ballet's 'Requiem'

2 Comments · Tuesday, March 23, 2010
A bathtub, a bed, lots of heavy leather suitcases — not necessarily props you expect to see onstage for a ballet, let alone for a ballet set to the high funereal seriousness of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 'Requiem.' But that's just some of what audiences will experience at Adam Hougland's world premiere ballet, 'Mozart's Requiem,' Friday and Saturday at the Aronoff Center.  

In the Nick of Time

Cincinnati Ballet gets grant for live music, but not all are pleased

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 23, 2009
As part of a recent groundbreaking $85 million dollar grant to the arts focused on music from longtime Cincinnati arts philanthropist Louise Nippert, beginning in the latter half of 2010, the Ballet will be generously funded to the tune of about $200,000 for three productions per ballet season with Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra accompaniment.