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Visual Art

Moving Pictures

Alison Crocetta's films enter a different realm

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I can’t recall ever seeing an exhibition with so many films on view simultaneously; it’s comprised of more than two hours’ worth of footage, much more than I could hope to write about here. Crocetta has created a whole different realm, with its own sense of time, continuity and order.  

Back to the Future

American stained glass windows are gaining renewed interest

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 22, 2011
American stained glass windows, long shrugged off as a Victorian enthusiasm, are attracting increasing interest, say museum curators, and Cincinnati is on the leading edge of this trend. The Taft Museum of Art recently opened In Company with Angels: Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows. And at the Cincinnati Art Museum conservation is under way on four stained glass windows to go on view next May.  

Picture This

FotoFocus announces its ambitious plans for 2012

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 22, 2011
FotoFocus, the citywide celebration of photographic and lens-based art planned for October 2012, is now well enough along that its organizers have shared detailed plans. In their first major press release, they also have announced their intention of making this ambitious photography event biennial.  

Rites of Passage and Magnitude 7 (Review)

Manifest highlights student work and tiny treasures in its first shows of the summer

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Manifest Creative Research Gallery kicked off the summer with the college student show Rites of Passage and its seventh-annual Magnitude 7 exhibition of small works. Both exhibitions offer an exciting mix of creative endeavors, both large and small.  

Majr Gazr & Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running (Review)

Changing minds at the CAC

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 8, 2011
The Contemporary Arts Center’s second-floor galleries are presently shared by a solo exhibition of sculptures by Matthew Monahan and Majr Gazr, a multimedia installation by the collaborative Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running.  

Joey Versoza: Casual and Charged

Attaching inner struggle to the commonplace at Aisle gallery

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Joey Versoza’s new solo exhibition, at West End’s Aisle gallery through June 24, is titled Do You Make Work? He answers his own question with just five pieces consisting of a number of digital prints, a projected video and two installations that make use of the gallery spaces and fixtures in conjunction with found objects.  

White People: A Retrospective (Review)

Exhibit shows depth of Melvin Grier’s photojournalistic work

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Melvin Grier, a photojournalist for the late, lamented Post for some 30 years has produced a retrospective of his work, much of it in classic black-and-white but several in color, at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. The show is called White People: A Retrospective, because — one presumes — as a black man, Grier didn’t take for granted the places to which his assignments gave him privileged access.  

Curious Curation

New museum seasons show a new way of thinking

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Now that the Cincinnati Art Museum and Contemporary Arts Center both have announced their 2011-2012 seasons, the biggest immediate story exhibition-wise is the amount of international interest the CAC already is getting for its Realms of Intimacy: Miniaturist Practice from Pakistan. That show, put together by Justine Ludwig, runs September-January.  

Remember the Nineties

Connie Springer photo show focuses on illuminating portraits of ninetysomethings

2 Comments · Monday, May 9, 2011
The faces belong to people who are 90 years old or more, going about their lives with zest and relish. Photographer Connie Springer's nonagenarian portraits were first shown at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center in January 2009. The exhibition has had an unexpected continuing existence.  

From ‘Wonder Woman’ to Warhol

Douglas Cramer’s route to the Cincinnati Art Award

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Douglas S. Cramer is considered one of the world’s great collectors of contemporary art and has donated to many major museums, including CAM, which will display his recent gifts along with the Warhol portraits in a show on view through Aug. 21. The show features photographs, graphite drawings and eight acrylic-and-silkscreen-ink-on-linen portraits of Cramer by Warhol, all from 1985.  

Cincy, Styled

Cincinnati Fashion Week's return legitimizes the city’s chic status

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 4, 2011
An average day for Nathan Hurst can include anything from evaluating models at a casting call to meeting with international designers. If you're picturing this fashion wonder boy traipsing around New York City, you're a bit off. Hurst works his fabulosity in the Queen City. At 23, Hurst successfully produced the first Cincinnati Fashion Week in 2010 (this year's model runs May 9-15), learning and building partnerships every step along the way.  

Shifting Perspectives

Martha MacLeish’s work in Manifest show a multi-dimensional wonder

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Martha MacLeish's art, whether two- or three-dimensional, is concerned with “aspects that raise questions and create tension,” according to her artist's statement. The thing she doesn't mention is the joyful sense of life these works convey, a bursting, vibrant delight of echoing forms and interacting colors.  

Midwestern Marco Polo

Courttney Cooper maps Cincinnati through memory and imagination

0 Comments · Monday, April 18, 2011
Courttney Cooper’s large-scale, meticulously scribbled aerial views of Cincinnati bring together memory and imagination and allow versions of the city past to blur with the present. Cooper, 38, is a Cincinnati native who has exhibited near and far in museums, galleries and various folk-art festivals around the country. He’s also participated in numerous projects at Visionaries Voices, where he goes almost daily to continue work on his drawings.  

Preservation Overhaul

Video sculpture is art you can watch, but how do you save it?

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 13, 2011
University of Cincinnati owns an important video sculpture by the man who basically created multimedia art, Nam June Paik. But don’t expect to see Cinci-Mix, which was commissioned in 1996 for an interior wall in then-new Aronoff Center for Design and Art. Because the old-school components — 18 stacked rear-projection monitors playing laser-discs — started breaking down, the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) had to put the piece in storage in 2007.  

Narrative Figuration (Review)

The magic of Realism is on display at the Weston Art Gallery

0 Comments · Monday, April 4, 2011
In the Weston Art Gallery’s new group exhibition Narrative Figuration, on display now through June 5, curator Daniel Brown assembles five talented local artists whose chosen mode is representational, figurative work. All five artists have studied at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP). Their work focuses on genre scenes, with a renewed interest in beauty.