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Sober and Sad in Northside

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Dear Maija, My friends and I recently spent an entire Saturday drinking Coors Light and whacking golf balls against a rental property. This week we found out that the owners of Coors are super-dick Republicans who support awful political causes (I don't know what kind of run-in Pete Coors ever had with the gay community, but boy is he uncomfortable with it). How are we supposed to get wasted without feeling guilty?   

Jealous in Hyde Park, Burning Downtown

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Dear Maija, I'm a young professional man, and I have a best friend who is a woman. She's also a young professional, and we've known each other since high school when we were the only students in the smart classes who smoked weed. We often enjoy eating sushi and shopping for fixtures that are very geometric in their look, so things are good between us.  

Scared in Clifton, Worried in West Chester

4 Comments · Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Dear Maija, I flunked out of UC last month but didn’t tell my dad because he’s going to seriously F me up. I only went to college because my parents know I’m good at math and think when the economy picks up there will be many new jobs for engineers (they really think the stimulus package is going to work)...