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Crimes Against Democracy?

0 Comments · Thursday, March 2, 2000
As you head out to exercise your constitutional rights at the polls Tuesday, you might consider how your voice compares with that of big business. The struggle to institute any meaningful campaign f  

Unlikely Allies on Districts

0 Comments · Thursday, February 17, 2000
The emerging discussion over whether to return to districts or wards for the election of Cincinnati City Council and dump the current "9X" system might hinge on individual and group action within th  

A Board Divided

0 Comments · Thursday, February 3, 2000
Let's start with the obvious: Maestro Erich Kunzel needs to take a chill pill or remove himself as chairman of the Greater Cincinnati Arts and Education Center (GCAEC). Kunzel cannot continue to op  

Sex and the Supermarket

0 Comments · Thursday, January 20, 2000
The Kroger Co.'s recent simultaneous yet unrelated decisions to clean up their stores by putting "blinders" on Cosmopolitan and by banning CityBeat altogether are a coincidence just too good to ign  

New Year's Yet to Come

0 Comments · Thursday, January 6, 2000
With everyone looking back over the past 1,000 years or making predictions for the next 1,000, I'd rather consider what folks like you or I might have to look forward to within our own lifetimes --  

Alternative History

0 Comments · Thursday, October 7, 1999
Given the predominant impression of Cincinnati nationwide as a bastion of conservative thinking and influence, the area often goes unnoticed as a historical breeding ground of progressive dissent a  

Prescription Conniption

0 Comments · Thursday, September 16, 1999
I'm not in the habit of popping pills, not even the legal ones. And I haven't been to a doctor in three years -- not since the night I caught some asshole rifling through my old Escort in Over-the-