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Next Steps in Northside

0 Comments · Thursday, February 7, 2002
The first time I heard about Crazy Ladies Bookstore was at my friend Sally's house. I am not sure why it came up in our conversation, considering we were probably in seventh and eighth grades at th  

The Year We Knew

0 Comments · Thursday, January 3, 2002
In a year when the events of one day changed the tone for the entire year, leaving our country and the world understandably preoccupied with reevaluating priorities, it is important to take a look b  

Back to Compassion and Other Basics

0 Comments · Thursday, December 6, 2001
It all started with plans to watch the premiere of the new season of Absolutely Fabulous, one of my all-time favorite television shows. I had been trying to get my best friend hooked on the show fo  

Coping in New York, a Step at a Time

0 Comments · Thursday, November 1, 2001
In the days following Sept. 11, I was honestly surprised at the way I avoided all the sadness and loss that surrounded me. At a time when most of my friends were drawn to the television, attending   

Bridging the Gay Generation Gap

0 Comments · Thursday, October 4, 2001
Call me a cliché, but recently my partner and I spent a Sunday evening at our local movie theater with a few close close friends watching Funny Girl. Until this night, I had not seen the film   

M Is for the Million Things She Gave Me

0 Comments · Thursday, September 6, 2001
Two recent trips, one to Los Angeles and one to my local movie theater, reminded me of -- despite my best efforts in therapy and the benefit of years of separation -- the role my mother plays in my   

Gay Is OK

0 Comments · Thursday, August 2, 2001
Fag. That's so gay. Homo. Hearing words like these quickly takes me back to my grade school and high school days, when being called "gay" or a "homo" was my worst nightmare. Now when I think about i  

Post-Gay Pride?

0 Comments · Thursday, July 12, 2001
I recently heard about a New Yorker cartoon that, though it pains me to admit it, perfectly encapsulated my post-Gay Pride state of mind. Two men recline reading the paper, one petting a dog. The ot  

Letters from the edge

0 Comments · Thursday, June 7, 2001
love my mail. Opening and organizing the accumulation of envelopes and postcards -- junk and otherwise -- is such an important ritual for me that I have a hard time focusing on anything until I have  

Working Together, We Shall Overcome

0 Comments · Thursday, May 3, 2001
Have you ever stopped to notice that Cincinnati seems to grab the national spotlight for all the worst reasons? The Who tragedy, Dennis Barry and the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit at the Contemporary   

Learning from Loss

0 Comments · Thursday, April 5, 2001
There we were, my partner and I, walking purposefully to one of our favorite neighborhood movie theaters a few weeks ago. Being creatures of habit, we took our usual route, which takes us right pas  

Rhymin' Without Reason

0 Comments · Thursday, March 1, 2001
I don't know what you were up to last Wednesday evening, but I was at home dutifully watching the Grammys so I could catch the latest live performance from the diva of all divas, Madonna. Of course,  

That's a Family

0 Comments · Thursday, February 1, 2001
At times, telling a new friend or colleague that I am adopted feels strangely similar to "coming out" as a gay man. Sadly, revealing either bit of information can catch the recipient off guard and l  

The Year In Review

0 Comments · Thursday, January 4, 2001
New Year's Eve has always baffled me. It's one of those events, like prom and college reunions, that comes with huge expectations and often, not surprisingly, palpable disappointment. In spite of ou  

Straightforward As Folk

0 Comments · Thursday, December 7, 2000
By now you have probably heard about Queer as Folk, the new Showtime series based on the wildly popular and controversial 1999 British miniseries of the same title. Simultaneously criticized and hai