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Press Clips: : Two Years and Counting

Beaupre's lawsuit turns long 'Enquirer'/Chiquita debacle from ugly to sad

0 Comments · Thursday, May 11, 2000
Two years ago last week, The Cincinnati Enquirer published what many at the paper and its parent organization, Gannett Co., hoped would be their shining moment in the journalism sun -- the infamous   

Press Clips: Down and Out in Cincinnati

'Everybody's News' folds; 'The Enquirer' hopes and dreams

0 Comments · Thursday, September 9, 1999
There's something sad about a newspaper going out of business, something beyond the measurable loss of jobs. A voice is lost to a community, and that community has to make due with fewer voices.  

Press Clips: Just Answer One Simple Question

Truth continues to elude those seeking 'Enquirer'/Chiquita closure

0 Comments · Thursday, June 3, 1999
A year after The Cincinnati Enquirer's 18-page investigative series on Chiquita Brands International and the subsequent front-page apologies, the question lingers in the air like a rotten banana: Ar  

Press Clips: The Year of Living Disingenuously

A year after the 'Enquirer'/Chiquita fiasco, the national media remains fascinated with the ongoing secrecy, the human toll and a turncoat reporter

0 Comments · Thursday, May 27, 1999
Hard to believe it's been a year since The Cincinnati Enquirer published its 18-page investigation of Chiquita Brands International. It's even harder to believe that, a year later, the story be  

Press Clips

Ward, Something's Wrong With 'The Enquirer'

0 Comments · Thursday, January 28, 1999
There's a great line about journalism that says newspapers should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The saying captures perfectly the media's traditional role of civic watchdogs who