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When Should Propaganda Begin?

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 17, 2006
How old should kids be before we teach them the virtues of taking up arms to kill people of other countries? The question occurred to Angela Garcia last week when she took her daughter to Fairview G  

What's the Going Rate for Agony?

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Will the Catholic Church never understand the harm perpetrated by priests who molest kids? The settlement of a class action lawsuit against the Diocese of Covington is touted by church officials, a  

Who Picks the Freedom Center's Cotton?

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 18, 2004
It started innocently enough, as a list of questions I couldn't find or get answers to by press time. Then the questions just kept coming.... How many people will return to the National Underground  

What Agitates an Agitator?

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 9, 2004
How would Kabaka Oba handle someone like Kabaka Oba? Known for his radical -- some would say ridiculous or offensive -- political activism, Oba once donned a Ku Klux Klan costume for a Cincinnati C  

How Do We Track Good Police Work?

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Does the Cincinnati Police Department impose quotas on officers for arrests or traffic tickets? At first glance, a flier circulated in District 4 -- "2004 Beat Cop of the Month Rules" -- looks like  

Erich Who?

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Who is Erich Streckfuss? You might have seen his name on the Democratic primary ballot March 2, but you weren't likely to see him anywhere else. His strategy consisted of an endorsement from the   

Why Not Dennis Kucinich?

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 18, 2004
What if the President of the United States were a vegan? You can imagine the Republican attack ads if U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) won the Democratic nomination: "He masticates ... in pu  

Why Is Heimlich Stalling City-County Relations?

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Why won't Todd Portune's fellow Hamilton County Commissioners let him work on improving relations with the city of Cincinnati? Portune's request to co-chair the City/County Steering Committee this   

Can Cincinnati Keep NIOSH?

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2004
What costs the city of Cincinnati more: keeping large employers or losing them? That's been the question since city council last year gave Convergys an incentive package worth $52 million, followed  

Can We Spare Three Minutes for Peace?

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 31, 2003
With jobs and families consuming most of our time, what can an average citizen do to improve human relations? We can start by forgetting what our parents and teachers taught and talk to strangers J  

How Long Will the Morgue Photos Haunt Cincinnati?

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Is Thomas Condon destined to become the next Robert Mapplethorpe -- a symbol of art repressed by the state? If New York filmmaker Paul LaMarre has is way, the answer is yes. Condon, locked up   

Can Luken and Taft Lose Their Jobs to Recall?

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Can dissatisfied voters kick Ohio Gov. Bob Taft or Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken out of office? Not exactly. A provision for recall -- the procedure that allows citizens to petition for a vote on   

Can Nazi Racial Laws Teach Us?

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 25, 2003
What if one day you wake to find you're not who you think you are -- and your country hates you for it? That's what happened to several hundred thousand people under Germany's 1935 Nuremberg racial  

What's Wrong With the Cincinnati Police?

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Has the city of Cincinnati taken seriously the need to reform its police department? The first report by Saul Green, an independent monitor appointed by a federal judge, shows many of the city's pro  

Stuck at 12th and Republic?

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 2, 2003
"Who remembers?" That was the phrase on stickers that started appearing on utility poles in Cincinnati a year ago. April 2002 was the first anniversary of what most white people call "the riots" and