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Under The Influence: The Record That Changed My Life

Jenny "Jem" Schmidt, Chicks RockFest

By · April 6th, 2005 · Under The Influence
Jenny "Jem" Schmidt, Chicks RockFest

K's Choice ­ Paradise in Me

For me, there have been many crucial turning points in music that made me not just "listen" to music anymore but made me feel that I'd become more a part of it.

I can remember the first time and the first emotion that came to me when I heard Ani DiFranco's Not a Pretty Girl. Just graduating from high school and still full of angst and bitterness, that album defined every emotion that I had throughout my teenage life heading into adulthood. I had never heard the guitar played like that before. It made me want to learn and be just as emotional with my music.

The next stop was K's Choice's Paradise in Me. For those of you who can recall the "oo-oo, oo-oo, oo-oos" of "Not an Addict" back in 1996, that was the beginning of my fabulous affair with the electric guitar. K's Choice and Sarah Bettens were, and always will be, the love of my musical life, and they led to my "downfall" (as some might say) because they introduced me to my now lifelong love for late '80s/early '90s Metal. The bridge between Paradise in Me and Metal was a quick one -- it was a backwards path, but a path just the same. So if you're at a show and you hear someone in the audience yelling, "Play some Whitesnake!" chances are you can find a crazy-haired psycho with a vodka and Red Bull nearby. That'd be me. And I'm not sorry.

JENNY SCHMIDT is the founder/"Head Chick" of Chicks RockFest (chicksrockfest.com), taking place Friday and Saturday at the Southgate House. See Spill It on page 39 for more details.
Jen Schmidt


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