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Greg Given - The Defrost Star

By · March 9th, 2005 · What RU Listening 2
Greg Given - The Defrost Star
Dale M. Johnson

Greg Given - The Defrost Star

· Someday I -- REF4

Good luck finding this one. I heard two tracks a couple years ago and have spent the last few years tracking this one down. Midwest Post Rock that is the weirdest combination of Rock music brilliance and self-referential lyrics that make you realize you can never be too honest in your songs. I constantly play air drums and guitar and sing along to this. I got lucky with an online hookup; if you get lucky enough to find this used, pay any sum of money and make copies for your friends ...

or e-mail me and I will hook you up.

· Various Artists -- Organelle

This is a catch-all for all the local bands' CDs I am listening to REPEATEDLY and don't have space for. Humans Bow Down's track is indicative of their entire album, A Mirror. It is excellent front to back and so is their live performance. Caterpillar Tracks' self-titled album is a raucous display of Punk Rock and melody (another great live performer). Classic Hilltop Distillery's experimental beauty, Theraphosa's intense sense of rhythm and Ralph Jones has a standout track that shows what is to come from their new album. Plus, you know. I like the Defrost Star, too.

· Ralph Jones Band -- Drowning in Kentucky

I listen to this album constantly around the house and on random drives. It speaks to me on many different levels. Musically it is a showcase for all players' talents and individuality. Song-wise, it is completely fresh. Themes of the personal and universal, lyrics you remember because they actually mean something and arrangements that are lost on the majority of today's tunesmiths. Absolutely beautiful.

· Refused -- The Shape of Punk to Come

I love Rock, and this album brings it like nobody has since, including the band's former members. Drum-wise, it pummels you. The amps are cranked to 11, and the guitars are Metal and Punk at the same time. The singer can sing and scream in a tone that no one has duplicated. No Emo whiny shit here. This album kicks so much ass I have listened to it on a weekly basis for four years. Sadly, the shape of Punk to come came with this album ... and hasn't been seen since.

· Shiner -- Lula Divinia

This album should be played loud at all times.

THE DEFROST STAR (dstarband.com) plays March 26 at the York Street Café with And Andy and Ellison.


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