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Clark Jenkins - Big Wiskey/Fat Cactus

By · December 29th, 2004 · What RU Listening 2
Clark Jenkins - Big Wiskey/Fat Cactus
Clark Jenkins - Big Wiskey/Fat Cactus

· Jupiter Coyote -- The Lions Den

Recorded live in September 2004 on a three-disc set. The music is described as Jam Rock by most, but it is more "mountain music" with an honest warmth and outstandingly written stories.

· Mark Broussard -- Momentary Setback

Broussard has emerged with the latest pack of acoustic singer/songwriters.I love this CD because it showcases his amazing vocals without the "overproduction" that came with his major label signing.

· Griffin House -- Upland

I first saw Griffin opening up for Marc Broussard at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley. I e-mailed him after the show about gigging together and was thrilled when he returned the interest. His songs are amazing stories about heritage, love and life.


Local AltCountry rockers produced an amazing album, and most of Cincinnati has yet to discover it. G. Burton and HPO blaze through 10 brilliant songs with three-piece harmony and intricate guitar solos. Their time here in Cincy as an unsigned act is extremely limited.

· The Freddy Jones Band -- A Mile High Live

FJB, now defunct, was a grass roots band out of Chicago that developed a huge following. A Mile High Live is a masterpiece of their live performances. It is impossible not to love this album.

FAT CACTUS performs at Stanley's Pub Thursday with Hyde Park Outrage and Noah Hunt and The 420 All-Stars. For more on Jenkins, check garageband.com/bigwhiskey.



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