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Chris Walker -The Walker Project and much more.

By · December 1st, 2004 · What RU Listening 2
Chris Walker -The Walker Project and much more.
Chris Walker -The Walker Project and much more.

Soulive -- Turn It Out

These are the baddest cats around right now. One of the only bands I would cancel a gig to go see. Soulive's first full-length studio album is so funky that I dance when I'm driving.

· Me'shell N'Degeocello -- Peace Beyond Passion

I just told a friend the other day that this CD is the center of my musical universe.

This album is simply PERFECT. The groove on this is so deep a Hummer could get stuck. I recommend this CD to everyone ... especially bass players.

· Michael Franti -- Michael Franti LIVE at the Baobab

I love poetry and spoken word. Franti is awesome on this live disc, refreshing in the way it mixes spoken word and music. The live dynamic comes across so well that, if you close your eyes you'll swear you're in that little club in San Francisco and my man was 6 feet away laying it down.

· Kim Taylor -- So Black So Bright

I simply can't get enough of this CD. There is so much music in the spaces between the notes that it chills me sometimes. I listen a lot at night when I'm home just chillin' around the house. Kim Taylor has a voice that defies explanation.

· The Catawampus Universe -- Dragon Whips Its Tail

One of the best bands that never "made it." Lexington, Ky., and the world should be ashamed for letting a band like this slip through the cracks. Dragon Whips Its Tail is a double CD that has a perfect mix of deep-ass pocket, intelligent lyrics and musical experimentation. Joel Crisp is from another planet.

CHRIS WALKER's Web site (amileinmyshoes.homestead.com) has info on all of his upcoming shows and projects.



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