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Wine some, lose some

By Amy Simmons · November 3rd, 2004 · Uncorked!
Whether your candidate or issue won or lost or begins its litigious journey, there are lots of wines to celebrate a hard-fought victory, drown your political sorrows or make the post-election chaos a bit more sufferable. Uncorked is proud to present its "Campaign 2004 Wine Guide," your guide to selecting a wine that reflects your political attitude or outcome.

Kerry Democrats might consider approachable French wines that combine his European pedigree with his everyman Democratic roots. Put down those lattes and chai teas and check out beaujolais, sparkling burgundy and whites from Loire and Alsace.

Bush Republicans should set aside their Shiner Bock beer and head for spicier wines that go with Texas BBQ or burgers such as zinfandel from Paso Robles or Sonoma in California or shiraz from Australia.

Libertarians can celebrate their orientation with a few bottles from Liberty School wines, particularly the cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay.

Liberals might consider wines that are open and generous in flavor.

Look beyond the traditional norms and open your bleeding heart to something from the New World, such as New Zealand, Argentina or Chile. In particular, Broquel Vineyard's Malbec and cabernet sauvignon are great buys under $20 that "taste up."

Socially progressive, fiscally responsible: These kinds of candidates are rare in these parts. For those of you who follow the style of Christine Todd Whitman or William Weld, have a look at unique blends popping up in California such as Red Truck, grenache and syrah combos from Spain, and white blends such as Conundrum or Evolution.

Anti-tax proponents are loading up their SUVs with wine bought across the river in Northern Kentucky. It's their ongoing strategy to keep their hard-earned wages in their pockets and support retailers, not the government.

Party Animals and other furry creatures in this year's national and local elections: Check out many of the new wines coming from Australia which is using friendly animal imagery to add personality to the wines of the Land Down Under and to assist shoppers looking for something easygoing and approachable in a sea of labels.

Green Party: Try Fetzer Vineyards, which is making a name for itself with its organic focus. President Paul Dolan's leadership measures success financially but also based on social and environmental impact. Found in the wine sections at Wild Oats stores in Hyde Park and Mason, which offer a growing selection of organic wines to complement your tofu and granola.

If you just don't care who wins, you probably follow the philosophy of the Tom Waits' lyric: "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy." With this kind of laissez-faire attitude, you get what you deserve in wine ... and government.

Given the build-up to this year's elections, if your candidate and/or issue is victorious, take some time and savor the experience with a bottle of quality champagne, even if it takes a Supreme Court verdict or an act of Congress.



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